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With Millennials accounting for nearly a quarter of the US population, tapping into their buying power could mean big bucks for any aspiring or well-established online retailer. What if there was a web-based application that could connect e-commerce businesses with this ultra-connected, screen-dependent customer base and potentially turn a significant portion of these online browsers into actual paying end users? Well there’s a new disruptor in town who’s young, ambitious, and optimistic about being able to do exactly that. Disha Shidham, the founder and CEO of Savy (formerly TacBoard), an innovative SaaS application that aims to convert window shoppers into paying customers, or at least solid email leads, wants to help businesses “Sell more. Instantly.” By bridging the gap between the discriminating, selective fashion sense of Millennials (18 to 34-year-olds) and their often limited budget or purchasing power, Savy provides an online price-tracking service for those who don’t always have the means to shop at pricey retailers but still want to #staysavy with Awesome Products at Prices You Name. “Discovering your style at your price is a snap,” says Savy … just find an item that you love, suggest the price you’d pay for that item and save it, and Savy will shoot you an email if and when your proposed price point has been accepted. E-commerce sites that don’t have the advantage of the one-on-one brick-and-mortar interactive customer-building experience profit simultaneously from this essential tool by gaining invaluable feedback about what customers like and what they’re willing to pay.

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Shidham, a 19-year-old Ohio native and seasoned entrepreneur who got her first taste of the business world at the age of 16, believes that the passion that you have for your business idea and the end result desired is what should push your venture forward and enable it to be successful. She’s quickly learned over the past three years that “creating something that people want is never a simple task,” but when Shidham observed a fellow high school pal bookmarking her favorite styles from retailers like Nordstrom and tracking their prices manually, she was determined to devise a tool that would not only help her friend nail down those fashionista finds, but also support budding businesses that want a piece of the pie. A graduate of the summer MIT Launch Program and the Concept Academy of rev1, a venture capital fund and startup accelerator in the Midwest, Shidham has officially fallen in love with the world of startups. “Entrepreneurship is a perfect fit for who I am and who I strive to be in the future,” says Shidham. With its turquoise-on-white thumbtack logo and a passion for the timelessness of personal style that transcends the fads and trends of the ever-changing fashion world, the Savy widget gives businesses real-time pricing data, be it for product research, structuring future sales, or tailoring marketing campaigns.

Savy already has over 5,000 followers on Instagram and with Shidham at the helm Savy is challenging the status quo in more ways than one. Savy boasts excellent customer service and a razor-focused development team that is willing to work through and solve any site-specific issues. Some lucky participating businesses that have downloaded the Savy app have even become part of their newly unveiled Savy Partner Program, such as GlamVault, a collection of women’s contemporary brands, headed up by Rachel Alfonso. Membership unlocks additional exposure on “The Savy Story” blog, access to hundreds of Savy users, as well as increased traffic from social media features and product highlights. In the words of Alfonso, “Savy is such a brilliant tool!”

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Shark Tank Air Date: 1/21/18 – Season 9 – Episode 19


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