TOOR – Key Lockbox and Real Estate App

TOOR is a real estate tour scheduling tool and smart lockbox for keys that connects buyers, sellers and agents. It’s a new approach to showing houses that lets owners work directly with buyers to set up times for private, unsupervised tours. As a buyer shopping for a new home, the TOOR experience is fantastic, giving them immediate access to homes and the ability look around without being rushed or influenced by sellers or agents. Buyers can search for properties, get directions, schedule visits, find an agent, and read reviews within the app.


After the buyer and seller have connected, the buyer can use the TOOR app to unlock the digital lockbox and gain entry into the home. The TOOR lockbox can only be opened at scheduled times and only by the approved and verified person. The seller can choose to have an agent present if they want, and the TOOR app can locate someone nearby if needed.

Sellers get a chance to review the profiles of people they may potentially allow into their homes before and after the showing. Buyers must set up a profile to use the service and submit a government issued photo ID. The app checks the ID for forgery, holograms, microprint, and MRZ codes. Users must them take and upload a picture of themselves, which is checked against the photo ID using facial recognition technology.


The lockbox  is powered by a rechargeable battery and uses cellular and bluetooth technology to remotely lock and unlock. The TOOR lockbox can also track keys using RFID. Giving easy access to homes means increased activity, leading to quicker sales at desirable prices. At the time of this post, the TOOR Kickstarter campaign is still active but they have already reached their goal with over $100,000 pledged. TOOR expects to start shipping lockboxes in January 2017.

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