Village Scholarships Crowd Funded Education

Village Scholarships brings educational funding into the 21st century. It’s a unique resource that pairs donors with students in need of financial aid. Once you register, you’ll become part of the growing Village Network. The online community raises money through crowd funding, which allows multiple donors to participate. This revolutionary system was created with both students and patrons in mind.

Village Scholarships helps students’ pool funds from family and friends, as well as available donors. This partnership allows you to reach your goal amount much faster than traditional methods. The Village Scholarships database is a great management tool that keeps your fundraising efforts on track. It matches you with potential donors, and helps you set realistic goals. There are also established scholarships you can apply to, plus various contests.

Potential donors can create a scholarship for a variety of interests. It can be geared towards a certain school, major, or career. You also have the option to cover more than one year of expenses. Multi-year scholarships are available. Donors can rest assured knowing every dollar they provide is going straight to the recipients’ institution. You can easily track each student’s progress.

Village Scholarships funds education for students, and provides tax benefits for donors. Set-up a free profile today to start the fundraising process. Student profiles last throughout their collegiate career, while donors’ can stay active for a lifetime. Both can experience the long-term perks of being a part of the Village Network.

Students who pre-register for Village Scholarships will get access to their premium services. Just complete the brief registration form at the bottom of the homepage. Also, stay up-to-date on all Village Scholarships opportunities, by joining the official mailing list. Simply provide your name and email to subscribe.

Funding your education has never been easier. The money is out there, and Village Scholarships helps you find it.

UPDATE: Village Scholarships is out of business

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