Saucemoto Dip Clip Car Sauce Holder

It’s never too early, nor too late, to practice safe sauce. There you are, in a car, trying to dip your fries into the ketchup. Your chicken nuggets into the sweet and sour sauce. Buffalo wings, sriracha sauce. Nachos, cheese sauce. Then, the seemingly innocuous sauce has damaged your clothing, the car interior, anything within its reach. You can’t blame yourself. Just where are you supposed to put those flimsy, squishy little packets so that you can dip. The floor is out of reach. Besides, you’d be sure to step on them. Balancing them on the knee is asking for trouble. The car seat? The absolutely worst place. (And even worse than that if the seat is leather.) So we struggle and we juggle to avoid the awful alternative, unembellished foods. A nugget without sauce? Unthinkable! It would be like Batman without Robin, Ben without Jerry, Dumb without Dumber.

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Unlike the rest of us who moan and groan and keep cleaning up the messes, Tony Lahood, William Moujaes and Michael Koury, when encountering a problem, think, “There must be a better way,” as so many inspired inventors before them have said. That’s what happened 10 years ago. The three were on their way to a business meeting and picked up lunch at a drive-thru. They like their sauces, but not on a tie, a cuff or the upholstery. They started brainstorming that very day on how to “have sauce, will travel.”

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Tony, Will and Mike cofounded Milkmen Design, LLC, a group of designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs with a mission to solve problems “that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.” All three had grown up taking things apart and putting them back together again. All three had the ability to think outside the box before they even knew what that meant. Each took a different route to Milkmen Design, different educational backgrounds, different careers, different interests. That’s what makes them a great team, and that’s how they came up with the Saucemoto Dip Clip, an in-car condiment holder.

Saucemoto Dip Click Car Sauce Holder Parts

It took them all of those 10 years. They developed prototype after prototype until the Saucemoto was perfect in both form and function. They made the rotating universal vent mount stainless steel covered in silicone so that it would grip regardless of how bumpy the driving conditions. The sauce slot took much more thought, time and effort. They went to all the fast food chains and gathered up condiment containers. The slot could only be one shape, but it had to fit every one of them. Quite a feat, in mathematics, engineering and design. The result was quite ingenious. Smaller containers sit snugly in a portrait orientation; larger containers in a landscape orientation. A washable, reusable ramekin holds the sauces that come in pouches.

But wait! You don’t have to have a steady diet of fast food to enjoy your Saucemoto. Any sauce or spread will work. Think of it: veggies and ranch dressing, pita chips and hummus, sushi with soy sauce! Someone has figured out that 20% of all meals are consumed in a car. That figure could increase considerably once we all have the Saucemoto to keep that slippery sauce under control.

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