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What’s one activity pretty much all of mankind can agree sucks to spend time on? Buying socks (oh, and underwear). One should just have an endless supply of these everyday essentials, and when they’re too worn out to be of any further use, more should just appear magically – say, right in your mailbox. With Basic Outfitters, this is exactly what you get.

Co-creator Michael Dweck had finally had enough of spending too much money on the basic clothing items that he needed but didn’t want to spend time purchasing. When he moved into a small apartment in NYC with his new wife Laura, he quickly became aware that his clothes weren’t necessarily a priority when it came to space. That, combined with the fact that his basics collection was a little outdated and a lot mismatched, gave him the idea to create a basics shopping experience that was simple, hands-off and ultra-convenient.

Basic Outfitters flagship service, Create-a-Drawer, is the answer to every man’s sock and underwear shopping dilemma. Men want high-quality fabrics that last (so there’s more time between shopping trips) and an easy buying experience. They want it all at a great price, too. With Create-a-Drawer, he can get up to 19 basics including a selection of underwear, socks, undershirts and joggers (a $120 value) for just 50 bucks. He can pick his favorite styles in his favorite colors, from classic to trendy, and he can literally do it all in 2 minutes with just a few clicks. Then, just sit back and wait for the package to arrive. Underwear woes, solved.


Michael and Laura Dweck value premium-quality products, beautiful packaging and a seamless shopping experience. All Basic Outfitters products are manufactured in WRAP Certified factories that ensure that the whole process is ethical, safe, lawful and humane. Customers can opt for a full drawer or buy individual items starting at just $15. The clothing is simple, beautiful and long-lasting. Plus, the price is hard to beat.

Even better, unlike some other similar services available on the market right now, Create-a-Drawer is not a subscription service. So he doesn’t have to worry about monthly payments on a service he won’t need for a while (those socks are long-lasting, remember?). He won’t have to remember to pause his subscription or cancel it altogether. He can purchase when he needs to – and never more than that. What a brilliant concept.

Basic Outfitters offers a simple new way for men to shop for the everyday essentials they need most. Their assortment of socks, underwear, undershirts and joggers offer something for every taste. The Create-a-Drawer package makes a great gift, and is perfect for stocking up on-the-go.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the company had already received lots of media attention and had been featured in The Huffington Post, San Diego Union Tribune, Chicago Tribune and About Style.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 1/6/17 – Season 8 – Episode 12

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