The Lady Alpha Nursing Cover

In the sweltering Arizona heat, new mom Jackie Samuelson faced a frustrating challenge while breastfeeding her daughter Sunny – keeping her baby cool and comfortable under traditional nursing covers. No matter how many products she tried, little Sunny would emerge drenched in sweat from the combination of her mother’s body heat and the stifling temperatures outside.

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Determined to find a solution, Jackie spent over six months working tirelessly with her husband Jeremy to invent a truly unique breastfeeding product – The Lady Alpha Nursing Cool Cover. This innovative cover integrates a fan to promote airflow and regulate temperature, allowing babies to feed without overheating.

The Lady Alpha was founded on the vision of modernizing and bringing convenience to all aspects of motherhood from conception through the first year. While The Nursing Cool Cover is their first product, Jackie and Jeremy have big plans to create a whole platform and community around innovating for mothers and babies.

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The patented Nursing Cool Cover design provides new mothers with an abundance of features to make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable. At the core is the integrated fan unit with three air speed settings to circulate airflow as desired. The fan is bladeless for baby safety and operates with low noise to provide a soothing white noise effect.

A rechargeable battery gives the fan an impressive runtime of 2-6 hours depending on speed setting. Charging is easy with the included USB-C cable. Bendable plastic inserts give the cover’s neckline structure and prevent collapsed views.

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Allowing full visibility of the baby while nursing is a key design focus. The cover’s clever shape and flexible viewing window enable seamless eye contact so mothers never miss a moment. This also facilitates hands-free positioning and latching.

Maximizing coverage area was another priority to accommodate any nursing position or baby size. At a full 49 inches long and 31 inches tall, the Lady Alpha’s muslin cotton fabric provides one of the largest shaded spaces of any cover on the market.

The soft, breathable muslin material is gentle on skin while the intelligent double-lining at the neckline ensures it never loses shape. Despite its dimensions, the lightweight, airy fabric prevents any feeling of constriction.

Truly a versatile product, the Lady Alpha Nursing Cool Cover pulls double duty as a carseat cover and its bonus travel pouch neatly stores both the cover and fan unit. Simple conveniences like a QR code on the inside tag make it easy to learn more about the product.

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For all its technological innovation, the driving force behind Lady Alpha remains the Samuelson family’s passion for supporting new moms like Jackie. As Jeremy explains, “My wife had no idea what she was in for with trying to breastfeed in the Arizona heat…Between her body heat and the 110 degree weather, poor Sunny would come out overheated and drenched in sweat.”

He continues, “Realizing that mothers everywhere were also experiencing the same challenge, my wife decided to create a solution to the problem. For over 6 months I watched her work relentlessly on inventing a product and starting a business…all while having Sunny attached to her hip.”

From this labor of love was born a truly innovative product for breastfeeding moms looking to keep their babies cool and comfortable. With the Nursing Cool Cover as their first offeringLady Alpha has made a big coolimpact in the baby product industry.

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/08/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 17




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