Birddogs Free Balling Shorts For Men

The men’s liberation movement has ventured into the “Brotailer” market, where boys can be boys and going commando in style is king. Get a taste of Birddogs, the fashion crusader that’s disrupting the men’s shorts, swimsuit and active wear markets with a gritty sassiness that’s not afraid to push the no-underwear envelope and be a little ballsy. “Gym shorts for free-balling crotch crusaders,” Birddogs offer men an escape from the confines of uncomfortable, cramped undergarments as well as a lifestyle brand built on leisure and all-in-one bottoms that can be worn with pride for extended play and free time. Targeting the 20-something-year-old dude with some discretionary income and a soft spot for unbridled, unrestrained lounging, Birddogs are lightweight, quick-drying, anti-chaffing shorts for guys who just want to be themselves and roam free whenever they damn well feel like it.

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Founded in November 2014 by CEO Peter Baldwin, a Harvard Business School graduate and former IBM sales executive, Birddogs is a startup with an adventurous spirit that doesn’t take itself too seriously, appealing to a let-loose sort of fella who doesn’t have the time or patience for archaic formalities such as underwear or obsessing over image. Comfort is at the center of the Birddogs style and they make no bones about it. Inspired by an incurable “wedgie” that cropped up inside Baldwin’s business suit on a transatlantic flight, Birddogs is unapologetic and doesn’t make any excuses for the raunchy sarcasm that teases and entertains consumers at its online store. Infused with sexy tidbits and naughty images that appeal to today’s man’s man who’s grown tired of traditional wardrobe choices, Birddogs are available in three different inseam lengths (Short 6”, Classic 8”, and Long 9 1/4”) with sizes ranging from small all the way up to XXL. Designed by Jeffrey Thrasher, who formerly headed up men’s design at Lululemon, Birddogs come in a wide array of quirky, often kinky names that can suit any personality, rendezvous, or brotastic outing, like “Billy Budds,” “Cape Cod Cuddlers,” “Swipe Rights,” “Rocket Pops” and “Tony Softnuts,” just to name a few.

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All joking aside, these handsome shorts are serious about keeping the boys in place so guys can move confidently about their day. Birddogs feature a silky smooth inner liner with a generous ball pouch that gently cradles the family jewels and claims to be roomy enough for a summer squash. Loaded with anti-microbial fibers, the performance fabric in Birddogs keeps air flowing around the male genitalia and buttocks, so any perspiration and musky aromas emanating from that steamy private region will quickly dry out and evaporate. Strategically placed wallet and phone zipper pouches on opposite hips keep all his other valuables safe and snug, while the two front hand pockets provide ample space for added carrying capacity.

While the jury is still out on whether snug-fitting briefs actually lower a guy’s sperm count and impact male fertility, Birddogs is waging its bets on the science of comfort and going au naturel. Let freedom swing.

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