Mama’s Milkbox – Maternity Clothing for Breastfeeding

Public breastfeeding has been a hot topic in the public eye for some time now, and continues to be a point of contention for moms everywhere. Women who breastfeed want to feel comfortable, and they don’t want to have to completely undress in order to feed their hungry babies. The experience inspired entrepreneur Elena Petzold to create Mama’s Milkbox, a line of clothing for moms that facilitates breastfeeding without sacrificing style.


Mama’s Milkbox is a subscription-based service that sends high-quality tops and dresses designed with breastfeeding in mind, straight to your door. Every six weeks, you’ll receive 3-5 pieces beautiful pieces from top brands that fit your personal style. Just fill out your style profile and provide basic info on your size, your preferences and how long you’ll be breastfeeding, and you’re off. In just a couple weeks, you’ll have several options selected just for you, and you can even test them for 3 days before either purchasing or sending back to try something new.


Elena Petzold knew that she wasn’t the only mom who would feel a whole lot better about herself and her breastfeeding journey if she loved the way she looked while she was at it. That’s why she put so much hard work in developing this subscription company that focuses on fitting each mom’s needs and budget.

UPDATE: Mama’s Milkbox is no longer in business

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