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Hear the pride and glee in a child’s voice when he proclaims, “I did it myself!” He is taking one more step toward independence. He recognizes the “accomplishment.” It may have been he gave the dog a bath (in the living room) or he painted his face with Magic Markers or he took out the flour and eggs to make a cake. Even if you want to cry, you know your toddler wants to show you how capable he is. And there are the real triumphs: when he puts on his socks, puts away his toys or carries a bag (a little bag) of groceries into the house. It’s all good (believe it or not), because an independent toddler has a head start on a healthy self-esteem and sense of identity when he grows up.

It used to be that fastening her own belt had to wait. It was much too complicated and too time-consuming for little fingers. No longer. Now your little girl will have one more thing to delight in doing herself. Now there are Myself Belts, the only one-handed belt on the market. The patented easy-to-use closure snaps around a front belt loop and then wraps around and secures in the front with Velcro. There is a buckle, but it’s only for show. It slides on and off the belt and can be moved from one belt to another.

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Talia Goldfarb’s toddler’s pants kept falling down. They were stretched out from wearing diapers and then from up and down, up and down, when he used the bathroom. Poor little guy had to keep holding them up while he played. She went shopping expecting to find a suitable belt. That would only make sense, right? Maybe, but there were no toddler-friendly belts. So she enlisted her sister, Danielle Eason, and they researched children’s belts, experimented with various materials and designs, eventually came up with a solution, and produced a patented, innovative belt for kids. “Myself Belts” seemed the obvious choice for a name. They would help make the child’s day a little easier (and parents’ and teachers’) and give him another chance for an “I did it myself!”

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The belts are also fun, functional and fashionable. The belts come in a variety of materials, including leather, webbing, canvas and nylon. There is an endless array of designs, from unicorn to monsters, sports to space travel, princess to pirate. Belts can also be personalized or made to match a school uniform.

A bonus for Talia and Danielle was when they realized that the belt made life easier for others in addition to toddlers and preschoolers. The Myself Belt becomes the Easier Belt for teens and adults who need an easy-to-fasten (and unfasten) belt closure. People with limited hand dexterity or the use of only one hand; or with cognitive challenges, such as Down syndrome or autism; or people in physical therapy after a stroke. Anyone at all who can use a simpler way of dressing. One less frustration is always a good thing.

Myself Belts Gives Back to the Community

  • Every time a customer adds a book to the order, Talia and Danielle donate a belt to a child in Head Start, a program that provides comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families.
  • They help with fundraising for a school or nonprofit organization. They help create flyers and order forms, provide free shipping and donate 20% of the proceeds to the school.
  • They do an online fundraiser by embroidering the school logo onto a belt and giving the school 20% for every belt sold.

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