A Perfect Pear

Susan Knapp sold Yellow Pages ads to small businesses. She was inspired by their stories and turned her Cinnamon Pear Jelly into a side business, Aunt Sue’s. She was able to get plenty of pears from a nearby farm, so started out with four pear products. Her business was wildly successful, so she quit her job to invest her time (and home-equity line, savings and credit-card allowances) in her business, newly named A Perfect Pear, with 15 products, including pear vinegar, marinade and dressing. By the time Susan reached the Tank, her products were in 650 stores, and she had grossed $700,000, but only netted $15,000. And there she was with $100,000 in orders that she couldn’t fulfill.

The sharks were very impressed with her and her samples. She received three offers: Kevin O’Leary wanted 70% of her business, Daymond 51%, and Kevin Harrington and Robert teamed up to offer her 50%. It appeared to be a very difficult decision for her, but she accepted Kevin H. and Robert’s offer.

A Perfect Pear Shark Tank 2

After the show, Robert dropped out of the deal. Kevin got Susan on the Home Shopping Network and her products into Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Disney, Luxor Hotel & Casino and the U.S. Navy, in addition to wineries and restaurants across the country. At one point sales had grown to $80,000 a month. Now there are conflicting reports on the status of the company. It is either a multi-million dollar company or it’s out of business. The “out of business” reports are more credible. We couldn’t find the products for sale anywhere.

Shark Tank Air Date: 8/16/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 2




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