Fat Ass Fudge

Donna McCue brought Fat Ass Fudge to the Shark Tank—her grandmother’s recipe for gluten-free fudge made with organic goat’s milk and butter for the lactose intolerant. Her fudge was very popular (regardless of dietary requirements) around Long Island. She sold it to local restaurants, at farmers markets, and from her “Fudgemobile.” The sharks enjoyed both the former comedian’s wild and wacky presentation and her fudge, but they did not invest.

Fat Ass Fudge Shark Tank 1

However, two good things came from Donna’s appearance. After being “under the lights” again, she realized that she preferred the stage to the kitchen. The other thing was that Linda Johnson, founder and owner of Chocology Unlimited, also on Long Island, saw Donna and thought what a fun partner she would be.

Fat Ass Fudge Shark Tank 2

When a year after Shark Tank Donna wanted to sell Fat Ass Fudge, Linda was first in line and bought the business for close to a million dollars. Donna stayed on as an advisor, and Linda kept the name, Fat Ass Fudge, and built a very successful product line around it.

Donna now bills herself as “Intuitive/Psychic Consultant/Author.”

Fat Ass Fudge was acquired by Chocology Unlimited.

Shark Tank Air Date: 12/4/2012 – Season 4 – Episode 11




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