PMS Bites Relieve Symptoms of PMS

There are more than 150 irritating symptoms of PMS including depression, backache, fatigue, cramping, headache, bloating, and persistent food cravings – especially a strong desire for sweets and chocolate. It’s unfortunate that the body craves these unhealthy treats during PMS because eating sugary foods to cope with the symptoms only leads to a spike in blood sugar, adrenaline, stress, water retention, and more cravings. Sugar is actually one of the worst things a woman can eat during PMS. That’s why Tania Green created PMS Bites, a line of sweet and delectable snacks for health conscious women who want to satisfy cravings without sacrificing nutrition.

Pms Bites Shark Tank 2

PMS Bites are gluten-free, made with vegan ingredients, and are packed with a mixture of herbs (including dandelion root, ginseng and chamomile) known to reduce PMS symptoms such as cramping and bloating. They contain no processed sugar and are less than 100 calories each. You can purchase them individually or sign up for a subscription and automatically receive six PMS Bites as a monthly delivery. Flavors include Chocolate Truffle and Brownie Batter (finished with cocoa powder and coconut palm sugar), CocoNutty (decadent chocolate covered in shredded coconut), All Kinds of Nuts (chocolate truffles rolled end cross pecans), or you can choose the variety pack and try some of each.

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