Controlled Chaos Hair Care for Curly Hair

Controlled Chaos is a line of American-made hair care products designed to tame wild and curly hair. It is part of an eco-friendly brand called Use Me Products. This incredible formula (with violet and lavender extracts) soothes and smoothes curls, springs coils to life, keeps frizz under control, and equalizes porosity, creating amazing shine without making your hair sticky, crunchy, or oily. A small dab of product goes a long way, so a bottle will last through many applications.

Controlled Chaos Curl Creme is vegan approved, sulfate and paraben free, and packaged in BPA-free bottles.  The product is made from 100% organic, responsibly sourced ingredients from growers in the United States. Controlled Chaos and other Use Me Products are never tested on animals.

Creators Maureen Emerson and Alanna York own a salon named Head Games in Portland, Maine where they sell their natural, vegan hair care products and distribute to other salons. Some salons that carry their product line feature a filling station so customers can refill their own bottles.

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