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SORSOAP is a unique product that combines the benefits of physical recovery with cleansing properties. Created by SORx, a company founded by David Restiano and Dr. Dan Staats, SORSOAP is an all-natural soap tool designed to help users recover from muscle soreness and improve lymphatic drainage while also reducing bacteria on the skin.

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The SORSOAP tool is made from triple-milled, ultra-hard essential oil soap, featuring a blend of lavender, menthol, and chamomile. This combination of ingredients not only provides a refreshing aroma but also offers potential therapeutic benefits. Lavender is known for its soothing properties, menthol provides a cooling sensation, and chamomile may help reduce inflammation.

The founders, David Restiano and Dr. Dan Staats, come from different backgrounds but share a passion for helping people feel better and recover from physical exertion. Restiano, a lifelong athlete and creative artist, had the initial idea for SORSOAP while showering and seeking relief for his sore muscles. As an active soccer player and long-distance runner, he had experienced various injuries and relied on the expertise of Dr. Staats, a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedic musculoskeletal dysfunction.

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Dr. Staats, who owns and operates an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Brick, NJ, and serves as an adjunct professor at Rutgers University, Kean University, and Stockton University, brought his clinical knowledge to the development of SORSOAP. He conducted a clinical trial with 30 Jersey Mike’s employees, investigating the impact of SORSOAP on job performance and upper extremity function. The study found significant improvements in wrist flexion, hand-grip strength, and wrist extension for the group using SORSOAP, indicating potential benefits for soft tissue and joint health in occupations requiring repetitive hand use.

In addition to SORSOAP, SORx offers the SORTOOL Pro, an acrylic recovery tool designed for on-the-go use. This Graston-type device is lighter and sleeker than traditional tools, allowing users to perform DIY recovery exercises anywhere, including the gym, car, or even in the shower after using SORSOAP.

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The founders emphasize that SORSOAP and the SORTOOL Pro are not meant to be a cure-all for injuries but rather a way to improve quality of life and aid in pain management for athletes and everyday people alike. Restiano reports experiencing distinct improvements in his soft tissue health, including reduced strains, faster recovery times, and fewer minor aches and pains, such as shin splints, since using his own products.

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SORx products are made with sustainability and responsible sourcing in mind. SORSOAP is produced in partnership with a manufacturer in Omaha, Nebraska, while the SORTOOL and SORTOOL Pro are handmade in Spring Lake, NJ.

Through social media, word of mouth, and partnerships with massage and therapy studios, SORx has seen its sales triple each year for the past four years, according to Restiano. Positive customer testimonials have also played a significant role in the company’s growth, with users reporting benefits such as weight loss and relief from conditions like plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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As SORSOAP and SORx continue to gain popularity, the founders remain committed to their mission of helping others feel better and enabling them to do more of what they love through innovative, natural, and sustainable products.

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