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Laura and Emily Schubert were chatting one day, about this and that, as sisters do, and the matter of pubic hair came up. Emily pointed out that there are many products to remove pubic hair and many products to condition the hair on our heads, but there is nothing to condition the hair “down there” for the women and men who prefer au naturel. Laura wondered, “Could we have hit on a gap in the cosmetics market?” Some diligent research assured her that they had.

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Laura had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, had even taken a course on launching new ventures while getting an MBA from Columbia, but had never found anything that excited her—until now. First she needed a product. She called maybe 50 chemists, most of whom thought they were being punked. But some talked with her and one was very interested. He recommended a product developer who collaborated with dermatologists and gynecologists in formulating Fur Oil that softens hair and skin, for women, for men, for the “skin is in” crowd, for “the bush is back” crew.

Laura wanted her best friend through middle school, high school, college and graduate school, Lillian Tung, to sample the oil. Exactly the right person! Lillian worked at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics while in college and was now with L’Oreal, but looking for her next step. Originally, Laura, Emily and Lillian founded Fur, but after a while, Emily decided to pursue her #1 passion and return to her full-time career as an artist. While family and friends of Laura and Lillian were still incredulous that they left successful and lucrative careers to go into pubic hair care.

Fur Oil is 100% natural, made with:

  • Grape Seed Oil that hydrates the skin and absorbs quickly.
  • Jojoba Oil with natural moisturizing properties that soften hair and skin.
  • Clary Sage Oil to soothe redness and post-shaving irritation.
  • Tea Tree Oil to eliminate excess sebum in the pores, prevent ingrown hairs and speed up the skin’s healing process.

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As important, Fur Oil is without:

  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Silicones
  • Acids
  • Cortisone
  • Artificial dyes
  • Artificial fragrances

A lovely result from the blend of natural oils is the sophisticated, luxurious chartreuse color of Fur Oil—the color named for the liqueur, known as the “Elixir of Long Life,” made since the 17th century by monks in the Chartreuse Mountains of France.

Laura and Lillian now have a whole line of Fur products for every inch of the body, including:

  • Fur Oil softens hair and clears pores from the eyebrows down to the pubic area. It also doubles as a cuticle softener, split-end repairer, post-tattoo care, scalp conditioner and bath oil.
  • Stubble Cream can be used every day to prevent ingrowns, razor bumps and razor burn. It also softens prickly stubble and moisturizes areas where hair has been removed. Also works as an all-over body moisturizer.
  • Ingrown Concentrate with coconut oil to moisturize and tea tree oil to combat bacteria is used more like a blemish cream. It banishes bumps, redness and irritations and lifts dead skin cells.
  • Silk Scrub is an exfoliant that buffs away dead skin cells for a radiant resurfacing. It can be used in the shower or left on as an exfoliating mask. Gentle enough to use after hair removal.

Laura and Lillian turned one small bottle of pubic hair oil into an internationally-recognized brand.

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