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Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor met at Miami University in Ohio. They came from very different worlds—Oliver grew up in Ohio, Selom in Ghana—but they had a lot in common. They were both working toward a degree in Finance, and both, from childhood, dreamed of owning his own business. It was only a matter of finding the exact right one.

Selom started and ran several small businesses, all successful and a great way to get first-hand lessons in entrepreneurship, but none of them were quite what he had in mind for the long term. It wasn’t until Oliver got his first tattoo that the two friends found their “calling.” The tattoo artist advised Oliver to apply petroleum jelly to the tattoo as it healed. Didn’t sound like a good idea to Oliver. It’s not called petroleum jelly for the heck of it. It’s made from hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum—the same stuff we use in our cars and lawn mowers and try hard not to get on our skin!

There was a gap in the market: all-natural products to heal, protect and enhance tattoos. Oliver and Selom got right to it and spent every spare minute meticulously selecting natural ingredients, blending them together, testing and retesting, until they came up with just the right formula and founded Mad Rabbit Tattoo, now a successful, sustainable, consumer-driven company. What they had always wanted!

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Mad Rabbit System: Repair, Defend, Enhance

Repair with Soothing Gel

In addition to being a work of art, a tattoo is a medical procedure. A needle inserts the ink underneath the skin and, like any time the skin is opened, you may be vulnerable to scarring and infections. Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel helps prevent any complications and ensures the tattoo heals properly. The first two weeks are critical. The Soothing Gel provides the urgent aftercare you need, as it repairs and replenishes skin that has, essentially, been damaged while allowing proper airflow to the tattoo. It moisturizes, protects from dirt and dust, calms irritated skin and quiets any itches that you might be tempted to scratch.

Soothing Gel’s ingredients include aloe vera and argan oil that bring cooling relief to the tattooed area; sweet almond oil that keeps your skin smooth and soft; chamomile extract with its anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties; sunflower oil that provides a barricade keeping away dirt; and the luxurious feel and pleasant smell of cocoa butter.

Defend Sunscreen

This sunscreen is formulated especially for tattooed skin. Exposure to the sun fades and discolors the tattoo and dries out and irritates the skin. Mad Rabbit Defend not only protects your tattoo from harmful UV rays, but it also moisturizes and enhances the colors, lines and intricate details. It’s lightweight and greaseless, so it spreads smoothly over the tat; a dab will protect for hours.

Defend’s blend of natural ingredients include vitamins C and E that restore cells damaged by UV rays, encourage collagen production, and ward off premature aging of the skin; cucumber extract that hydrates the skin and reduces inflammation; carrot extract that defends the skin and encourages cell regeneration; and the delicious feeling and scent of cocoa butter.

Enhance with Balm

Use Mad Rabbit Balm on new or existing tattoos to enhance the colors and crispness and keep them vibrant and sharp for years to come. Whether the tattoo is a celebration of brilliant colors or the more subtle monochrome blacks and blues, this rejuvenating balm brings out the depth, clarity and contrast of your work of art. The balm penetrates the skin to moisturize it and keep it from drying out and cracking. As it becomes a protective barrier to retain moisture, it also slows aging by improving blood flow.

Among its plant-based ingredients are frankincense that revives the skin, heals minor wounds, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars; shea butter for its regenerative and skin-softening properties; sweet almond oil that protects the skin from UV radiation damage; lavender for its antioxidants and its ability to ward off inflammation; and, once again, our good ol’ buddy cocoa butter.

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The Mad Rabbit Mission

Oliver and Selom have a mission to provide superior products that meet all of your tattoo needs. You have chosen a meaningful design to reflect who you are, and the artist creates beautiful art on your body that will always be with you. Of course, you want to keep the tattoo’s natural vibrancy and youthfulness. You deserve aftercare made especially for your tattoo—aftercare that is simple, safe and effective and gives you the confidence to show off your tattoo.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 3/26/21 – Season 12 – Episode 18




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