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Tate Stock was working on his degree in economics at Brigham Young University when he founded his company, Chirp (formerly Plexus). He was visiting his aunt when he noticed her yoga wheel. He was fascinated and began thinking of ways he could improve it. He spent $400 on materials, basically PVC pipes and yoga mats, smoothed the edges of the pipes, trimmed the mats and had a more durable, more comfortable wheel. He sold more than 100 wheels the first two weeks, then put it on and made $12,000—from that same $400. It was time to go all-in.

Tate founded his company while a senior at the university and funded it himself! He had $100,000 saved from a summer job selling pest control products door to door. He and some buddies produced the wheels in a barn, until Tate found a factory in China. Problem was that Tate paid for the mold used for the wheels, and the factory stole the design and sold wheels to multiple other Amazon sellers. So manufacturing came back to the US, right there in Utah, where the wheels are still made.

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Within a couple years, the yoga wheel had morphed into a back pain relief device, and Tate was selling about 500 wheels a day—thanks to some clever marketing strategies and rebranding. Shipping and fulfillment costs, however, were costing nearly $1,000,000 a year. Always the problem solver, Tate built his own fulfillment company, ShipStud, which also fulfills orders for other startups.

Just the FAQs About the Chirp Wheel

The Chirp Wheel is the only wheel on the market that is FDA-Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device. It stretches, strengthens and releases tension within the muscles surrounding the spine, i.e., it relieves back pain without doctors, drugs, or surgery. You can also roll out headaches and neck pain and sleep better by relaxing muscles throughout your body.

  • The wheel is made from an injection-molded plastic core that can withstand up to 500 lbs. of pressure and has an EVA foam soft outer layer.
  • The Spinal Canal (groove in the center of the wheel) stretches the muscles around the spine both length- and width-wise for the deepest possible massage that effortlessly releases lower back tension.
  • All wheels are 5 inches wide for a perfect fit between your shoulder blades to align your spine and reach those hard-to-get knots.
  • There are three diameters:

Gentle: The 12-inch size gives the largest overall stretch, which is best for pain in the upper and lower back and can be used to stretch hips and open up the chest.

Medium: The 10-inch size is used similarly to the 12-inch model but is somewhat easier to use, particularly if you want to use it against a wall instead of on the floor.

Deep: The 6-inch size is great for the neck and for posture correction. It gives a more intense stretch—good for those really obstinate tight muscles, but possibly too intense, especially for newcomers.

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How to Use the Chirp Wheel

Place the wheel and your feet on a flat, non-slip surface. A gym or yoga mat is ideal, but a thick soft rug or carpet works. Lie on the wheel with it sitting between your shoulder blades and with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Keeping your balance, roll slowly up and down the wheel so that it remains in the center of your back.

The Chirp Wheel Is in a Class by Itself

  • It is designed for all experience levels. Use it for yoga if you like. Use it to increase your flexibility and range of motion, as well as alleviating back pain.
  • Build up your core strength. Back pain is often due to a weak core.
  • Improve flexibility. Tight muscles will surely decrease flexibility, even when performing the most ordinary of movements. Tight muscles also cause injury to other areas of the body.
  • Improve blood flow. When the muscles are stretched properly, the blood flow improves. When muscles are sore from exercise, it could be that particular part of the body is not getting proper blood flow. The Chirp rolls out the knots that may be hindering blood flow.
  • A big plus with the Chirp is its portability. It is lightweight and doesn’t take up much room. You do not have to leave home without it!

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Chirp for a Cause

“Meals on Wheels” is the latest recipient of Chirp’s program of giving back and prioritizing people over profit. Meals on Wheels programs have been serving seniors for almost 50 years. COVID-19 now makes the service more important than that those at the greatest risk receive proper nourishment. Chirp is honored to support this very worthy cause.

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