ODR Skis

Kevin Greco is the “Chief Enthusiast Officer” of ODR Skis. He grew up on skis in Alaska, taking advantage of the surrounding slopes every chance he had. It was all good—except for the bulky, risky equipment and the difficult, hazardous learning period. Now Kevin wants to open up the wonderful world of winter sports to everyone and expand it for those already out there skiing, snowboarding, playing hockey and ice skating by eliminating some of the “pain points.”

ODR Skis are a cross between ski boots and ice skates, designed for everyone from beginners to experts. They have a comfortable, flexible, lightweight boot with a hard outer shell. Along the length of the boot is a base that resembles the bottom of a ski with integrated steel edges that grip the snow while turning and stopping. These skis provide the freedom of movement that comes with ice skating and inline skating and the thrill of slalom skiing and snowboarding.

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Benefits of ODR Skis

  • Affordable: The price is inexpensive compared to snowboards, cross country skis or downhill equipment.
  • Safe: The boot that fits securely to your foot, the steel edges and the hard outer shell make skiing along groomed trails safer than on regular skis or a snowboard.
  • Portable: ODR Skis fit into a backpack, suitcase, compact car. With less gear to lug around, you can take off for a quick trip to the mountains at a moment’s notice.
  • Family friendly: Because of the safety features and the ease of learning, all ages can enjoy ODR Skis. Users from 3 years old to over 65 are already out there thrilling to this new winter sport.

Take ODR Skis to the mountains, speed down the slopes, and carve fresh corduroy ski slopes through an exhilarating, white wonderland.

The ODR Skis team has no desire to “convert” existing skiers or snowboarders. They want to share their passion for winter sports by reshaping access to the slopes, so that the experienced can “cross over” and newcomers of any age can experience the fun faster.

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Styles of ODR Skis

  • Eclipse is the best option for beginners of any age, anyone new to winter sports or children who are still growing. The dynamic thermal liner with a flexible toe section accommodates multiple shoe sizes within a single shell structure.
    • Not an option for an experienced ice skater, roller blader or hockey player. It does not have the technology for the precise fit they need. Still great for advanced youth though as its flexible liner can accommodate several shoe sizes.
  • R-43 White-Out & Black-Out Great for advanced hockey players, inline skaters, skiers and snowboarders, the R-43 Series incorporates features for maximum performance and comfort on the slopes.

In 2018, the ISPO (Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel Und Sportmode) in Munich, Germany, the leading international trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion, nominated ODR Skis for their innovation in the “Brand New Winter Hardware” category.


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