Tandm Surf (Tandem Boogie) Body Board for Two

John and Manya Clark created the Tandem Boogie so that others could have the fun and “moments to remember” that they and their three daughters have had playing in the surf on their surfboards, paddle boards and bodyboards. The innovative Tandem Boogie is designed so that anyone, with any level of experience or with no experience, can ride the waves with a buddy.

Tandem Boogie Body Board For Two Shark Tank Blue

Tandem Boogie Design

The Tandem Boogie is, basically, an inflatable bodyboard. But a bodyboard for two, with a width of 34 inches rather than the traditional width that averages 21 inches. The other significant difference is in the material. Traditional bodyboards are made from polypropylene, among other materials, and are rigid. The Tandem Boogie is made with military-grade, high-density PVC material that resists corrosion caused by weather, chemicals, impact and scratching. It’s the material used in Zodiac boats and used by Greenpeace and the US Military.

The Clarks also incorporated their own patent-pending internal DAD “Dynamic AIR Design” technology, using thousands of fibers cross-woven vertically to give the board its unique stiffness and response.

On top, there are strong, soft, easy grip handles; a built-in camera mount to capture action videos; and a tail design that allows riders to climb on easily and cut through waves effortlessly.

All boards come with a Dual Stage Pump, backpack and maintenance kit. Tandem Boogie is lightweight, easily rolled up into the backpack, and inflated and deflated in a few minutes.

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Tandem Boogie, a Family Business (Plus One)

Family life for the Clarks centers around the water. John founded the SUP (Stand Up Paddling) Surf Club in 2007 and introduced thousands of people to the sport. John and Manya have been involved in local competitions for various water sports and made the podium multiple times. Their three daughters grew up paddling with their parents and have since gone on to water polo, junior lifeguards, outrigger canoeing, and surfing.

Now all five Clarks are involved in Tandem Boogie LLC:

  • Manya worked as an industrial engineer for 30 years and is in charge of manufacturing and operations.
  • John excelled in marketing and product development in the corporate world and is product development specialist and handles marketing and sales.
  • Juliette and Alleanna both attend the University of California-Berkeley where they study data science, computer science and business management. Juliette is CEO, and Alleanna is community manager
  • Lyla is in high school and looking forward to studying business and law in college. She is in charge of apparel and merchandise.

The Clarks’ “plus one” is Tom Morey, the legendary creator of the first boogie board in 1971, from whom they received invaluable guidance. He introduced them to a boogie board shaper he had developed over the years and shared his views on how to make a quality product with a unique design. He continues to be part of the family as a member of the Tandem Boogie Board of Advisors.

John and Tom partnered with the best local surfers to launch the first Tandem Boogie Contest at the 2019 San Clemente Ocean Festival.

Stay Healthy and Fit with the Tandem Boogie

  • Paddling strengthens the arm muscles.
  • Kicking your feet to propel the Tandem Boogie develops the leg muscles.
  • The concentration and balance required boosts coordination skills.
  • The heart and lungs working to effectively pump oxygen to the muscles strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Being outdoors, breathing in the sea air and riding the breaking waves refreshes the mind, relaxes the body and nourishes the spirit.

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Using the Tandem Boogie

Sure, there’s the surf. Ride the waves solo, with a friend, with two friends, with your dog. Float on it, paddle it, stand up, lie down. But suppose you live near a lake or are vacationing at one? Tandem Boogie makes a comfortable, sturdy float, but for some real excitement, get a towrope, hook it to a boat and hang on! Ride the wake or cruise in and out of it. Live in a four-season region? No need to pack the Tandem Boogie away in the garage or basement for the winter. It makes the coolest sled ever. Slide down the local sled hill solo or tandem. If you feel daring, stand up and “surf” down the snowy slope.

Tandem Boogie Body Board For Two Shark Tank Beach

Need a card table on the beach, a picnic platform, a drone landing pad? The Tandem Boogie can be called into service for a variety of uses on land.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 3/12/21 – Season 12 – Episode 17




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