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Someone somewhere may be rummaging through your life. They are not searching for evidence of how great a person you are; they want to unearth the “dirt,” photos that seemed funny long ago, membership in suspect groups, and rants you posted online. Things you have long forgotten. It may be an admissions director at your preferred university; it may be a potential employer. Most certainly, the person you right-swiped on Tinder. Maybe an in-law to be. A nosy neighbor. It’s all there for whoever wants it.

Someone Googled Pete Kistler, the accomplished and well-respected “techie,” and came up with Pete Kistler, the drug dealer. That was a problem, so Pete and his friend Patrick Ambron (both graduates of Syracuse University) put their minds together and founded BrandYourself, a software that diagnoses your online reputation and then advises how to improve negative results—a tool for you to control what people find when they research you online.

BrandYourself uses a known database of red flags to scan the web for any negative information and determines your Reputation Score.

  • The Do-It-Yourself (or Free) software then provides you with a customized plan to improve your score. It continues to monitor the web for any new unflattering information.
  • The Premium/Managed Services software comes with a world-class team of experts to do the work for you as well as provide additional services, such as implementing advanced SEO techniques and building your personal brand.

BrandYourself does more than “bury” those frat party photos or that horrible review a customer posted. You can control who sees your personal information and who cannot to . . .

  • Prevent identify theft and hacks.
  • Ward off spam and telemarketers.
  • Protect sensitive personal information.

Many (most?) people do not realize reputation-damaging content about them is out there, and there are the times something was posted innocently and yet can be taken out of context.

BrandYourself has a long list of commendations, including:

  • “Fastest Growing Reputation Management Company” by The Agency Post
  • “Top 5 Hottest Web Apps at SXSW” by PC World
  • “Top 100 Young Startups” by the White House
  • “#1 Emerging Tech Business in NY” by NY State (came with a $200k prize)
  • One of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine

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