Coolpeds Briefcase Electric Scooter

Do you remember how much fun it was scooting around your neighborhood back in the day? Have you ever felt like grabbing a child’s scooter and flying down the street with the carefree exuberance of youth but were afraid you’d look silly. Now you can have your own scooter and not look silly at all. You will look like a person who cares about our planet while taking advantage of the most convenient means of personal transportation—and having fun along the way.

Tony Chan has a deeply held mission to make available the means to get around efficiently while contributing to a cleaner environment. Sound like a tall order for what was once only a toy? Not in Tony’s world.

Coolpeds Shark Tank 4

Tony graduated from UCLA, worked for Accenture and Microsoft, then started his own product design, manufacturing and distribution businesses in Los Angeles and Shanghai. With a world-class team of engineers and designers, his own experience in manufacturing and international marketing, and his long and fervent interest in building and driving race cars, Tony founded Coolpeds USA to produce safe, innovative and eco-friendly personal transportation. First out of the gate was the Coolpeds Smart Electric Scooter.

On the scooter, you can get to wherever you want to go: work; train, subway or bus station; across campus; up and down the aisles of convention centers and shopping centers. The scooter is also the absolutely best way to tour a new city; you can savor it in ways you cannot in a car or on a bus.

Then the day came when Tony wished he had a place to stash his stuff on his scooter. Back to the drawing board (more likely CADD) and now we have the Briefcase Electric Scooter.

Coolpeds Shark Tank 1

Both scooters have the benefit of Tony’s experience with race cars: the quiet, brushless electric motor; disc and regenerative brake system—one brake at your heel, the other on the handlebar; a safety feature that cuts off power in an emergency; and advanced front and rear suspension. The run-flat tires will support the weight of the vehicle in the event of air loss. In the unlikely event of power loss, the wheels continue to roll freely and —just like back in the day—you can push your foot against the ground to get going again. The frame is made of lightweight aircraft aluminum. Fold it up and you can take it anywhere, into your workplace or onto public transportation.

Coolpeds Shark Tank 2

Now for the coolest part: the briefcase. The shell is made from polycarbonate, a material that is durable and resists damage that could range from high impact to surface scratches, and it is fully recyclable. Inside, there are compartments to keep that stuff organized; the compartments for your laptop or tablet are padded, so no worries about them. Coolpeds even gives you a choice of colors: black, green, red and blue.

Coolpeds Shark Tank 3

Tony and his team have won dozens of international awards for the quality of their products and their commitment to improving the environment, including the Chivas Venture. Every year, Chivas Regal conducts a search for the most promising social entrepreneurs who aspire to make a positive change in the world while making a profit. Also, in China, they won the Amazon AWS Start-up contest and the Innovative Health and Sports Product award.

Tony and his team continue to draw on their knowledge, expertise and socially conscious environmentalism to bring us more innovative products that will improve our lives and preserve our planet.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/18/18 – Season 9 – Episode 23




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