Geek My Tree – Animated Christmas Lights

Geek My Tree Animated GlowBalls are the next generation of smart christmas tree lights, and they’re sure to add some fun and excitement to your holiday decor.

In as little as ten minutes you can be set up and ready for your first light show. Simply hang your GlowBalls on your tree and plug them in, and they’re ready to control with your smart phone.

GlowBalls hang in vertical strings from a suspension ring that you place around the top of your tree, so they’re even easier to set up that traditional string lights. They’re designed to prevent tangling, one of the most frustrating parts of the christmas light experience. When you’re done with your lights for the year, simply detach them from the hanging ring and throw them back in the box and they’ll be tangle free and ready to enjoy next year with no hassles.

The globe shaped bulbs glow in 360 degrees and house 2 full color spectrum LED lights, providing an amazing range and intensity of colors. GlowBalls are tough, durable, and designed to perform year after year, unlike other string lights that leave you searching for the one bad bulb that’s breaking the current.

Not only are GlowBalls brighter than other Christmas tree lights, they also use less energy – as little as 15 watts, compared to the hundreds of watts consumed by standard electric string lights. Each high quality LED GlowBall will shine over 50,000 hours!

When you “geek your tree” you’ll enjoy more than 100 pre-programmed lighting effects like gradients, pinwheels, spirals, scrolling, and much more.

The Geek My Tree GlowBalls app allows you to easily switch between effects and dazzle your guests, and even has a preview display showing what a new effect will look like on your tree. You can create “playlists” of lighting effects, to set up a custom light show that will entertain for hours. Choose which effects occur in what order, and how long each will display, or use in shuffle mode.

*Geek My Tree is no longer in business.

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