Ionic Ear Bluetooth Implant

Darrin Johnson had solved the problem of Bluetooth earpieces falling off and getting lost. His answer was to surgically implant the Ionic Ear under the ear lobe. He had slides to show the location for the surgery and the Ear broken down into battery, Bluetooth electronics, microphone, speaker and charging port. Daymond expressed concern about implanting anything so close to the brain, and Darrin responded as though Daymond was being silly.

Ionic Ear Shark Tank 4

All of the sharks were creeped out, but not as much as they were when he explained that you recharge the device by inserting a probe-like instrument into your ear every night before going to sleep. They then began to question Darrin’s sanity. Robert jokingly asked if he would need a second surgery if he wanted to upgrade; Darrin told him he would. In an attempt to normalize his invention, Darrin compared it to breast implants that people had a difficult time accepting at first. (But did they?)

Ionic Ear Shark Tank 3

Darrin had no sales. He only had a prototype. He had not tested the device on anyone. Of course, he received no investment from the sharks. Or anyone else apparently. The Ionic Ear, poof!, vanished. Maybe there is an Island of Misfit Inventions.

Shark Tank Air Date: 8/9/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 1




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