LiftiD Neuro Stimulation Headband

Whether your choice is a morning cup of Joe or an afternoon chai latte, there will always be times when you need some kind of boost to help get through all those tasks on your to-do list!

Theodore H. Schwartz, MD, has developed a device that relies on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) as an alternative to using chemical stimulants such as caffeine or sugar, or other performance-enhancers.

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Schwartz received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Harvard University, and specializes in the surgical treatment of brain tumors, pituitary tumors and epilepsy using the latest techniques in computer-guided surgical navigation, minimally invasive endoscopy and microsurgery.

As explained on the LIFTiD website, tDCS is a form of neurostimulation that applies a low-level electric current to targeted areas of the brain. Dr. Schwartz references numerous studies showing that tDCS alters brain function by increasing blood flow, enhancing neurotransmitter release and activating neurons.

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LIFTiD is worn on the forehead, somewhat like a set of headphones, and delivers a constant, low level direct current, to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex region of the brain. According to Dr. Schwartz, using the LIFTiD for 20 minutes a day trains the brain to maximize attention and focus. It is suitable for use by healthy adults (18 and over), and is most effective when used during a task, such as writing a paper, studying for an exam or preparing for an e-Sports competition.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 11/13/20 – Season 12 – Episode 5




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