LINKA – Smart Bluetooth Bike Lock

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore hill-rider, a carbon-footprint connoisseur or a bodega-and-back biker, if you’ve ever cycled, you know the concerns of leaving your transportation in an open space. Traditional chain locks can be a hassle when you’re on the go, and bulky padlocks require keys and extra manpower you should be saving for your ride back home. This is where the innovators at LINKA lock come into play.

This auto-unlocking, Bluetooth-enabled, GPS-loaded lock has been a long time coming, and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who has ever sat on a plastic saddle. LINKA lock is a modern-looking device that easily attaches to the body of your bike, always ready to protect your ride. Simply park and lock the LINKA device with the press of a single button. Leave your keys and cords behind, and just focus on your destination.

Should someone make an attempt to steal your cycle while you’re away, LINKA is enabled with a powerful siren that reaches a screeching 100db – that’s about as loud as a helicopter! The intelligent technology is great at recognizing when a thief is at work versus the everyday bumps a parked bike may receive, making it extremely reliable.

If a theft is attempted, LINKA will lock your wheels and immobilize your bike, preventing anyone from riding away with it. You’ll receive a Tamper Alert on your smartphone at a range of up to 400 feet from the device. If you step out of range, LINKA will alert you as well.

If, by chance, your bike is stolen, LINKA can connect to other nearby LINKA’s via Bluetooth to help you and the authorities track your bike’s whereabouts.

Stop bothering with bulky, annoying locks that require a code or key. LINKA recognizes your approach via its connection to your smartphone, and automatically unlocks for you. Simply hop on and ride away.

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