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We press the big red button when we want information about Staples products. We press a Dash Button when we want to reorder a product from Amazon. Where is this all headed? Like, press a button when we want sex? Well, yes! Jennifer and Ryan Cmich have invented LoveSync, a set of buttons that allow couples to know when “all systems are go.”

Jennifer and Ryan have been happily married for 15 years and are pretty much in sync. But one night Ryan lay in bed wondering: “Jennifer had a tough day at work. Maybe she isn’t in the mood for making love. But then, maybe she is and thinks I’m not. Or maybe she’ll feel pressured if I approach her.” All those “maybes”–you can see the dilemma. He doesn’t want to feel rejected. He doesn’t want Jennifer to feel “obligated.” He also doesn’t want to miss an opportunity if they are both in the mood. Ryan, being a clever fellow and a mechanical engineer who develops robotic lawnmowers, came up with the solution: buttons that let your partner know that you are interested, but only if he or she is also.

The LoveSync buttons come in a set, one USB-powered button for each person’s bedside table. When you are in the mood, you can discretely and silently tap your button. If your partner also taps within an agreed-upon time frame (from 15 minutes to 24 hours), both buttons glow with a swirling green light, and green stands for “Go”! It’s very “tingly” when both buttons are glowing. It’s also fun and, okay, it’s a bit silly, but whatever gets you out of humdrum sex is not a bad thing.

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It has been reported that millennials are having less sex than previous generations. LoveSync can help that situation. The more sex you have, the more you want—that has been scientifically proven. LoveSync maximizes the opportunities to have sex, for example, if you do not go to bed the same time as your partner, sleep in a different bedroom, or want to “hook up” during the day. It also returns that exciting sense of anticipation to mature relationships.

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Jennifer, as a marriage and relationship counselor, believes that LoveSync is a perfect accompaniment to couples therapy. As she had helped couples salvage failing marriages, she has noticed that a decline in sexual intimacy is an early red flag of serious problems that are looming. LoveSync, a fun and casual tool, might help couples recognize that their relationship is weakening.

The LoveSync button has not been widely embraced and the naysayers have been very vocal about their feelings. Jennifer and Ryan, undaunted, agree with P. T. Barnum: “Any kind of publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right.” They also point to the reaction to texting when it was first introduced: “Why wouldn’t you just pick up the phone and call?!” We now have the answer to that as most people text and are very glad to have that convenience. But texting does not entirely replace a phone or in-person conversation, just as LoveSync does not replace the need for honest communication between partners.

LoveSync in the Shark Tank

Jenn and Ryan Cmich pitched LoveSync on Shark Tank, asking for $100,000 for 10% equity in their business. They had previously raised $25,000 on Kickstarter and fulfilled 400 units, with plans to expand to an app possibly based on a subscription service. However, the Sharks were unimpressed, citing issues with the unorganized pitch, the product’s romantic appeal, and lack of post-Kickstarter sales. Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Barbara Corcoran all declined to invest due to these concerns. Consequently, LoveSync did not secure a deal on Shark Tank​​​​.

Entrepreneur Jenn and Ryan Cmich
Business Couples’ buttons to help initiate intimacy
Ask $100,000 for 10% equity
Result No deal
Shark None

LoveSync After Shark Tank

After their appearance on Shark Tank, LoveSync, under BelaVivo LLC, continued to grow and evolve. In May 2023, they released a mobile app on both the Playstore for Android users and the Appstore for iOS users. This app achieved over 10,000 downloads on each platform, with ratings of 3.2 stars on the Playstore and 4.1 stars on the Appstore​​.

By August 2023, LoveSync had reached a lifetime revenue of $1.3 million and its net worth was estimated at $300,000​​​​. The company, based in Akron, Ohio, remained in business as of August 2023, with its website and mobile app still active, serving thousands of users. The app is available for free​​.

LoveSync joined a software accelerator and incubator, Bounce Hub, in February 2020 for a three-month program. By late 2020, their app had over 8,000 downloads. The app’s performance varied between platforms, with a 3.4-star rating on the Google Play Store and a 4.3-star rating on the Apple App Store. Some users expressed concerns about notification issues and the requirement of being in a relationship to use the app. The LoveSync website remains operational, offering the original buttons for purchase and focusing primarily on the app. In October 2022, Ryan and Jenn Cmich, the founders, appeared on the podcast “Lessons from the Tank” to discuss their experience and insights gained from Shark Tank​​.

Shark Tank Air Date: 01/12/19 – Season 11 – Episode 11




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