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Mirror, mirror, on the wall—who has the most flawless face of all? That’s the question Sean Spencer and Ryan Glenn of Mirmir wanted to solve once and for all. Their premium photo booth rental company (which is pronounced just like the old “mirror, mirror” quip) seeks to help everyday people feel like celebrities. In fact, the brand even has a strong celebrity following, most notably including the entire family of Kardashians and Kardashian-Wests. Mirmir doesn’t believe in heavy marketing. They believe in producing great photos. And that’s precisely what they do.

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Photo booths have been around for ages — with the first dating back to the late 1800’s. Since then, not much has changed. The most technologically advanced photo booths are simply digitized, spitting out sharp images with touchscreen booth interiors. Mirmir aims to take things a step further. Imagine a photo booth, say at a friend’s wedding, that managed to take a fast photo, Photoshopped your face, and even helped you find your best possible angle. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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That’s exactly what Spencer and Glenn designed Mirmir to do. In a world of Snapchat filters, taking a dozen selfies before picking the perfect one to post, and numerous Photoshop fails on the internet, this is a natural fit. With Mirmir, the entire photo booth process is simple and digital — with a little human help for good measure.

Every event that includes a Mirmir also includes 2-3 human supervisors who guide guests into their perfect pose. With a snap, the little gray and pink mechanism takes a pic and blurs imperfections. A black and white filter is applied for a timeless look. The end result? A seriously flawless face. Users can print the images, or pay a bit extra to have them posted on social media.

It makes sense that the creators of such a device would come from a fine arts background. Both Spencer and Glenn owned and operated photo booth rental services when they met at a Super Bowl event in Dallas in 2011. They had similar visions, and years later would collaborate to create the photo booth of the selfie age. Mirmir is created to be the ideal marriage between the traditional photo booth and the smoothing “beautiful filter” of Snapchat, fixing blemishes and making every person look flawless with every shot.

Mirmir is currently a staple at Kardashian bashes, behind-the-scenes get-togethers on L.A. sets, as well as big events and award shows. It’s expected to continue to grow as it moves into the everyday consumer’s market as well.

*Mirmir is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/22/17 – Season 9 – Episode 5




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