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Did you know your phone is dirtier than a public restroom? Not just a little dirtier either. It’s up to 18x worse. Seriously. Cell phones are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria since they’re usually stored in warm dark places. On top of that, bacteria are always being given the opportunity to jump aboard from our kitchen counters, public restrooms, friends and family, and practically every other public place that we visit.

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How gross would it be if you took your kitchen counter with you everywhere and never cleaned it? Would you take it in the bathroom, let your kids rub their hands on it, sit it on the table at a fast food restaurant and then take it home and put your face on it? I hope not, but that’s exactly what we do with our phones each day.

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A recent study found colonies streptococcus, staphylococcus and diphtheroids on participants’ cell phones. One phone even had MSRA – a flesh eating bacteria. In 2012, a thief even caught Ebola from a stolen cell phone. It’s unbelievable that we carry these germ sponges with us every day, yet rarely clean them.

Why don’t we clean our cell phones? We probably don’t think about it on a regular basis and when we do, it’s an inconvenience. The creators of the PhoneSoap Charger have come up with an innovative way to solve this problem. They’re taken a process you already perform each day, charging your phone, and transformed it into one that cleans the bacteria from your phone as well.

The PhoneSoap Charger uses two UV-C lights to bathe your phone in bacteria-destroying light. When you plug your phone in to charge and close the lid of the PhoneSoap Charger, the device’s two UV lights are automatically activated and run for 5 minutes. This kills 99.9% of the bacteria on your phone. Put it in for a quick clean or leave it overnight.

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