Polar Pro – GoPro Accessories

Polar Pro creates professional quality accessories like microphones, camera mounts, camera extension poles, tripods, filters and cases for GoPro cameras, mobile phones, and drones.

Action sport enthusiast and entrepreneur Jeff Overall started the company with a polarizing filter that improved GoPro camera resolution, color and contrast when filming outdoors. Since 2011 the company has developed an extensive product line of accessories for action photography and video suited for extreme conditions like filming while scuba diving, snowboarding, hang gliding, or skydiving.

Polar Pro GoPro Camera Filters:

Utilizing filters can dramatically enhance your GoPro footage and filters are a must for professional outdoor filming. Polar Pro filters and lens are made of scratch resistant glass. The filters are super easy to attach and remove from the camera, so you can act quickly to get the footage you need.

The Polar Pro Polarizer Filter is great for shooting around water, or for snowy or very bright days. It cuts down on reflection and greatly boosts color saturation and picture sharpness.

The Neutral Density Filter slows down the GoPro camera’s shutter speed which creates a motion blur for dramatic effects on high speed movements.

The Macro Lens is perfect for filming close up shots and allows the camera to focus on objects as little as 3 inches from the lens.

The Polarizer Filter , Neutral Density Filter and Macro Lens are available as the Above Water 3-Pack combo with 3 microfiber storage bags and 3 tethers which can tie the filters to the GoPro camera housing for quick attachment.

Polar Pro also makes an awesome filter 3-pack for underwater filming.  At a depth of 12 feet or more the red light wavelength in visible light disappears. This confuses the GoPro’s automatic white balance and causes the camera to record color incorrectly, typically over saturated with green and blue tones. Red and magenta filters fix this issue and create vivd and vibrant colors in underwater footage. The 3 filter combo pack includes a Red Filter for shooting in very blue or tropical waters, a Magenta Filter for green waters, and a light red Snorkel Filter for shooting in shallow water. The Snorkel Filter is for filming in water up to 15 feet deep and will color correct automatically. It’s perfect for filming fish and aquatic plant life.

The PolarPro Graduated Filter set is for the GoPro Hero4, Hero3+, or Hero3 and enables you to shoot beautiful video when lighting is less than optimal. The set includes the most common graduated filters: ND, Blue, and Orange. The filters are constructed out of light but durable nylon and weigh only 4.6 grams. Graduated filters are typically used to properly expose the sky, without underexposing the ground. This filter set enables you to capture epic sunrises and sunsets.

Polar Pro also makes filters for use with drones. The Frame2.0 Filter Professional Set is the ultimate collection of camera filters for production use and for aerial footage.

polar pro gopro filter

polar pro gopro filter

polar pro gopro filter

polar pro gopro filter

Polar Pro ProMic GoPro External Microphone:

Having great audio is critical for producing high-quality professional video, but the GoPro internal microphone has limitations. The internal mic doesn’t pick up distant sounds and doesn’t perform well in windy conditions or when there are a variety of sound levels and frequencies present. The Polar Pro external microphone increases sound levels and quality for ultimate high-definition audio performance from your GoPro. It easily mounts to your camera and can be used remotely as well with the extension cord. The GoPro has never sounded better. The ProMic comes with a lavalier mic, removable windscreen and adaptor for Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero4.

Polar Pro GoPro Camera Extension Poles:

Camera poles are great for extending your reach to get the perfect shot or capture a unique perspective. Polar Pro makes 3 models – The PowerGrip, PowerPole, and NoShow.

The PowerGrip is waterproof up to 99 feet, features built-in recharge battery that can power your GoPro for 12 hours of filming, a tripod adaptor that’s great for time lapse photography and a mount for your cell phone. The extension arm is hinged to adjust to any angle and can extend up to 33 inches.

The PowerPole features an all aluminum construction, extends from 17 to 30 inches and weighs only 13 ounces. The built-in battery can extend your film time up to 10 hours. It can be used with the 200 lumen USB light and has a holder for your GoPro SmartRemote. The PowerPole is splash and moisture resistant but not waterproof.

The NoShow GoPro extension pole keeps the pole out of your shot. It extends from 14 to 38 inches and features an adjustble hinged extender tip that elevates the camera 6” away from the pole reducing the amount of the pole you get in your frame. It’s super durable, designed for use in harsh conditions, and is amazingly lightweight at just 8 ounces. The long 38 inch length is perfect for wide angle shots. Multiple mounting configurations allow you to use it as a follow cam, regular pole, or extension pole.

Polar Pro Camera Mounts:

Polar Pro makes a variety of camera mounts for your GoPro and cell phone.

The ProGrip is a floating handle grip for your GoPro that features a storage compartment that stays dry in water up to 10 feet deep – perfect for storing extra batteries (can hold 2). The GoPro remote can be mounted flush with the handle so you can easily and comfortably control the camera. The ProGrip is great when you need to get a solid grip on your camera in extreme, fast, or slippery conditions. It comes with an additional ultra-compact grip that fits in your pocket when not attached to the main grip. Because it’s completely buoyant, the ProGrip is ideal for shooting in water. The ProGrip will float, keeping your camera from sinking if accidentally or purposely dropped. Comes with a strap mount for attaching your camera to belts, backpacks, and other straps.

The Polar Pro StrapMount allows you to easily attach your GoPro to your backpack, scuba bcd, life jacket, or anything else with a strap. The easy release system allows you to quickly install and remove your GoPro from the mount. It’s constructed of highly durable nylon infused with glass fibers. The StrapMount is great for POV shooting without the need for a head or chest harness. The StrapMount and ProGrip are also available as a combo for a little less cash.

The Trippler-Tripod is a grip, extension pole, and tripod all in one. It has three camera mounts so you can easily attach your GoPro, cell phone, or any other small camera with a standard connection. It rotates 360 degrees easily on its aluminum ball joint head allowing you to get any perspective, adjust for uneven surfaces, or switch quickly between portrait and landscape shots. The Trippler-Tripod is super compact for easy portability and weighs only 6 ounces. It extends from a tiny 7.5 inches to 28 inches as both a tripod and extension pole. It’s also great to use as a phone stand for watching videos or for FaceTime.

The Proview attaches your GoPro to your phone and is the perfect mount for using the GoPro app. It provides a secure connection between your GoPro and your phone allowing you to hold and control camera with one hand using the GoPro app for filming. The Proview allows you to see what the GoPro sees on your mobile phone as you film. Your phone functions as the grip, control pad, and monitor. Works with iPhone 5, 5S, and 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Even More GoPro Accessories:

Polar Pro also makes heavy duty cases for filters, cameras, and GoPro accessories. The PowerVault case has a built in battery charger and is constructed of super-tough water resistant ballistic nylon. The USB port allows you to connect to camera and other devices.

With Polar Pro the sky is not the limit. They also produce professional filters for capturing amazing footage with drones including DJI Phantom 3, 3DR Solo, DJI Inspire, Zenmuse X5, and GoPro Drones.


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