Update: This item has been discontinued.

Unicycles have been around for over 100 years with minimal changes to their design and typically have a high learning curve. Not only do you have to balance side to side as you do on a bicycle, but front to back as well. Focus Designs has created an innovative product to make unicycling possible for anyone. The self balancing unicycle uses gyroscopes to balance the cycle front to back, making it as easy to ride as a bicycle.

Not only is the unicycle self balancing, but it’s self powered as well. Reaching speeds of 12.5 MPH with a range of 10 miles on a full charge, the self-balancing unicycle isn’t just for fun, many use it to commute as well.

Its small, compact design makes it easy to take on the bus or train and easily stores under your desk at work. This isn’t just a proof of concept either, you can buy it now on Amazon.
The product has a number of safety features including turn assist and force feedback to prevent you from accelerating too quickly. If the battery is depleted while in operation, the unit will continue to provide stabilization while slowly decelerating to a stop. The unicycle plugs into a standard outlet and recharges in about an hour.

The Self Balancing Unicycle is a great (and unique!) way to get around whether it’s down the street for coffee or across town to work.



Shark Tank products SBU self balancing unicycle

Shark Tank products SBU self balancing unicycle



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