SignalVault – RFID Blocking Card

We all know that our personal information is potentially at risk to hackers when we use a credit card online or even when our card is physically swiped through a card reader. We take precautions and use trusted merchants. But did you realize that hackers can steal your credit or debit card information just by walking past you in a crowd? It’s called “Crowd Hacking, Pocket Surfing, Wireless Theft, and RFID Pickpocketing” and it’s a high tech crime that is on the rise.

Your card is at risk of being hacked if it is one of the 200 million cards that includes an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip, the type that allows you to buy things just by waving your card in front of a scanner. Hackers use the same type of scanning equipment, but with a far stronger signal range up to 25 feet, and can simply walk past your credit card in your wallet and scan it. The equipment to accomplish this can be purchased by a hacker for as little as $8. The video below shows how a device like this collects 19 credit card numbers, PIN, and expiration dates in less than 2 minutes while walking through a public mall. Once the thieves have access to your critical account information they can clean you out.

Luckily there is an easy way to protect your RFID cards from these hackers. For a very small investment (about $15 per card), a SignalVault card can safeguard your money and your identity. The SignalVault looks just like a credit card, and will fit wherever you keep your cards, in your wallet, purse, money clip, etc.  SignalVault is an RFID blocker, so your credit card’s RFID chip can’t be read while in proximity to the SignalVault card, and it requires no batteries and no electricity to work. A signalVault card will last five years and will protect any credit card within 10mm, so one SignalVault card can protect a stack of credit cards. This product was independently tested by Qualtest Inc and you can see the results here. Yes, it works.

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