Hotels By Day

Ever heard of a daycation? With HotelsByDay, you can experience this micro-traveling with ease, by spending a block of time during the day at a 4-star or 5-star hotel. The service combines the minds of two travel and hospitality experts, Brian Dass and Yannis Moati, to take advantage of a underused resource — empty daytime hotel rooms. Perfect for unwinding, getting a little “me time” before heading home, and countless other reasons, HotelsByDay is the convenient and affordable option to take when you just need a little time somewhere else.

Yanni and Dass assembled a dream team when creating the framework for HotelsByDay, bringing together a large group of experts—including many advisors and consultants—to bring the idea to fruition. The duo had one goal in mind: meet the needs of the on-demand economy, while helping hotels make additional money during off seasons, when rooms would go completely unused. HotelsByDay is the unique answer to this equation.

It’s hard not to think of a reason to enjoy a temporary getaway with HotelsByDay. This service offers easy time blocks for morning, mid-day and afternoon slots, with availability of 4 to 6 hours at a time. An alternative to an overnight stay, these hotels are great for relaxing in comfort between connecting flights, or when you’ve arrived to your destination earlier than expected. Drive into a new city and spend the day shopping, dining and exploring, then shower up and head home for the evening. HotelsByDay is the perfect solution for travelers, those who just need a few hours of peace and Wi-Fi to get work done, or those who’d like to take a nap and a swim before heading back home.

HotelsByDay is as easy to use as any other traditional hotel booking service. The convenient app makes it so simple, you’re only 4 taps away from booking. For most rooms, you won’t pay until you arrive, and there’s only a $1 hold for 24-hours, rather than a more traditional hold of up to $50 at overnight hotels. For your block of time, you can expect to spend about 40% less than you would for a traditional hotel, and the check-in and check-out times are super-flexible as well.

When you book with HotelsByDay, you can trust that you’ll be set up for luxury, with no cheap, unsafe rooms. Enjoy the amenities of great hotels including parking, room service, showers, swimming pools and much more, for way less. Ideal for day trips, business affairs and so much more, this unique service is truly one of a kind. You’ll enjoy your favorite amenities as well as a more personalized experience when it comes to work. Meet with travel mates in a room for a conference, rather than waiting in the airport lobby or the local coffeeshop. Kick your shoes off and relax for the day.

There are no booking fees, instant email confirmation, free cancellation until last minute, and many more offerings. Enjoy the pampering of a hotel experience without the hassle (or the time) with a daycation at one of HotelsByDay’s many operating locations.

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