Wedy Wedding Packages

Wedy is a booking platform that aims to simplify the wedding planning process by allowing engaged couples to bundle vendor services, book curated packages, and drive sales for wedding businesses like venues, photographers, and caterers. The platform offers a one-stop-shop experience for couples to build their dream wedding package by selecting a venue, base package, and additional services such as photography, florals, makeup, and catering.

The company was founded by Rumaiza Fathima Ali, an experienced wedding planner and entrepreneur. Rumaiza’s personal experience as a bride-to-be and her struggles with the non-transparent processes of wedding planning inspired her to create Wedy. She noticed the challenges of hidden costs, lengthy response times from vendors, difficulty comparing quotes, and the hassle of tracking payments and budgets.

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Wedy’s platform aims to address these pain points by providing upfront pricing, customizable packages, and the ability to message professionals and book services directly through the app. The company claims to offer transparent pricing with no hidden costs, covering everything from custom florals to catering, including taxes and service charges.

One of Wedy’s key selling points is the ability to book all wedding services with a single contract and price tag, eliminating the need for multiple vendor contracts. The platform also provides dedicated wedding planners to guide couples through venue requirements, timelines, seating, insurance, vendor coordination, and other aspects of the planning process.

Wedy boasts a curated list of over 360 venues nationwide and 1,500+ local wedding professionals, with an average venue and vendor rating of 4.8/5.0 stars. The company claims to offer more affordable packages compared to the national average wedding cost, with an average cost of $15,600 compared to the national average of $33,139.

The platform is designed to empower small businesses by supporting local and creative business owners who are building a life on passion and purpose. Wedy emphasizes the commitment of its vendors to delivering the best possible experience and bringing couples’ dream weddings to life.

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Rumaiza Fathima Ali has a diverse background, having founded The Little House of Cupcakes, a p√Ętisserie that empowered 80,000 home bakers and small business owners, and co-founded The Dream Theme, an award-winning wedding design studio. She has also worked as an architectural intern and currently serves as an advising leader at FLIK – Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge.

Wedy is a portfolio company at Capital Factory, the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. The company has already helped over 110 wedding professionals earn meaningful income on its platform during the pandemic and is on track to drive over a quarter-million dollars in direct consumer spending across Colorado, Texas, and Southern California.

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