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In a world where time is money and automation is rapidly becoming a necessity, Bot-It has carved out a unique space for itself by democratizing the process. The company offers an online platform for automating everyday tasks, requiring no coding skills. From booking a restaurant reservation to running business workflows, Bot-It is aiming to simplify lives by turning tedious online routines into smooth automated processes.

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Bot-it Before Shark Tank

The brainchild of Maurice Bachelor, Bot-It emerged from a vision to represent black tech entrepreneurs and to offer a beacon of inspiration for anyone striving to make their mark in the tech industry. Maurice was born and raised in an underserved black neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, a place where dreams often remain just that—dreams. Defying the odds, he earned a degree in Information Systems Technology and Computer Science from Cleveland State University. His career started as an engineer, and over time he climbed the corporate ladder to become a software architect at a leading tech firm. Maurice also lent his skills to help launch several new tech startups.

Adversity hit Maurice in the form of a severe car accident that would have deterred most. But after a prolonged recovery period, his passion for technology remained unquenched. With unyielding determination, he took this life-altering experience as a call to action. The result was Bot-It, a manifestation of Maurice’s resilience and his belief in the power of technology to create meaningful change.

Joel Griffith, the co-founder of Bot-It, brought his extensive expertise in digital advertising to the table. As a Founding Partner, Joel heads the marketing and sales strategy of the company, steering client acquisition and retention efforts. Having worked with prestigious platforms like Amazon, Snapchat, TikTok, and LinkedIn, Joel’s deep-seated understanding of digital trends complements Maurice’s technical prowess, making them a formidable team.

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How it Works

Bot-It brings a comprehensive range of services to the automation sector. The service is accessible either via a dedicated iOS app or through a Web app that supports Android and other web interfaces. The process to set up a bot is remarkably straightforward. Users open the website they wish to automate, toggle back to Bot-It, and input the steps they want the bot to execute on the website. This user-friendly interface has set Bot-It apart in the increasingly crowded world of online automation tools.

The company offers specialized bot templates to assist users in setting up their automated tasks. These templates range from booking appointments and searching for products to logging into websites and data importation. Users select the template most suited to their needs and are then guided through a series of questions to configure the bot. Templates are an exclusive feature available on the company’s web app.

Bot-It also comes loaded with a growing list of supported actions, making it versatile in handling various online tasks. These actions include automating username and password entries, clicking buttons, selecting items from search results, and even adding payment information to a website. The service even allows for capturing a snapshot of the bot’s screen and sending it via text or email.

Security is another focus area for Bot-It. The company adheres to stringent security measures, including the latest data encryption algorithms and GDPR and HIPPA compliance. Firewall control and server access control further add layers to safeguard user data.

Subscription options are available to match the varying needs of consumers. The Basic subscription allows for creating one bot, while the Standard offers the capacity for five. The Pro subscription enables the creation of up to 10 bots. For those with unique automation requirements, Bot-It also provides customized solutions.

Bot-It has demonstrated its utility and effectiveness, doubling its paid subscriptions each month since its launch. With partnerships already in place, such as one with Turkey’s largest shipping logistics company, Bot-It is projected to reach 1,500 paid subscriptions by the end of the year. It has automated over 20,000 appointments and saved more than 35,000 minutes for its users. Popular use-cases include automating bookings for golf tee times and tennis courts as well as logistics price comparisons.

Through the lens of Maurice Bachelor’s vision and resilience, Bot-It stands as an example of how technology can be leveraged to improve everyday life, even for those who may not have a background in tech. The platform serves as a testament to the ingenuity of its founders and the infinite possibilities that can unfold when technology, expertise, and a deep understanding of consumer needs come together.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/13/2023 – Season 15 – Episode 3




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