Dating by Blaine

Focused on helping men navigate the labyrinthine landscape of modern romance, Dating by Blaine is led by Blaine Anderson, a dating coach who has garnered attention from media outlets like NBC, Cosmopolitan, and FOX. With a unique blend of psychology and practical experience, the platform offers a variety of coaching programs aimed at meeting the diverse needs of today’s single men.

Before Shark Tank

Blaine Anderson grew up in Tucson, Arizona, as an only child with a deep love for animals. Active in sports and clubs from a young age, she participated in soccer and swim teams, eventually joining Tucson’s first girl’s lacrosse team in high school. Before venturing into the realm of dating coaching, Blaine worked in the travel industry, organizing luxurious trips to exotic destinations. Her career took a sudden turn when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the travel sector, leaving her jobless and prompting a reevaluation of her professional path.

The pivot towards becoming a dating coach wasn’t immediate for Blaine. At first, she considered various alternatives, including enrolling in tech sales and design programs, but the thought of a desk job was unappealing. The turning point came during a conversation with her now-husband about a successful online courses business. This dialogue helped her recognize the untapped potential of offering dating advice on a larger, digital scale. She had already been advising her male friends on dating since her undergraduate years at the University of Arizona, and this was her chance to monetize her informal expertise. Blaine took the plunge into professional dating coaching in 2020, driven by a deep-rooted motivation to combat the loneliness epidemic among men in the United States.

Dating By Blaine Shark Tank Founder

Dating Programs

Dating by Blaine offers four principal coaching programs to aid men in various aspects of dating. These are:

Texting OS: This self-study course requires a two-hour time investment and offers lifetime access. The program aims to teach men the art of texting to build relationships effectively, eliminating stress and anxiety.

Online Dating OS:
With a focus on creating a top 1% dating profile, this self-paced, three-hour course also offers lifetime access. It guides users through the maze of dating apps like Hinge, Bumble, and OKCupid, helping them secure high-quality matches.

Masterclass: Recognized as her most popular program, the Masterclass combines self-study, group coaching, and one-on-one attention. The curriculum requires approximately five hours per week for about five weeks and includes the Texting OS and Online Dating OS programs as part of the package.

Jumpstart: This is the only one-on-one coaching program offered by Blaine. Designed to be self-paced, it involves roughly three hours per week for 12 weeks and includes access to the Masterclass. The program is built to help men feel sexually attractive and achieve meaningful results in their dating life.

More than 95% of her clients report they would recommend her services to a friend, a testament to the effectiveness of her programs. Besides these structured courses, Blaine also extends her reach through free advice on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

While dating may not be a subject taught in educational institutions, Blaine Anderson has found a way to fill this gap. With a variety of tailored programs, Dating by Blaine addresses the diverse challenges men face in the dating arena today. Through her insightful approaches to building self-esteem, flirting, and establishing meaningful connections, she has helped over 2,500 men transform their romantic lives.

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