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I recently came across a list of rules for gift giving. A gift needs to be personal (that leaves out gift cards), thoughtful (ditto), beautifully wrapped (ditto) and surprising. I immediately thought of the Bouquet Bar, where superb floral designs merge with innovative, high-quality treats for gifts that not only put the art back into gift giving but strengthen the bond between sender and receiver.

David Yusuf (Chief Executive Officer), Alex Amidi (Chief Design Officer) and Sal Aziz (Chief Technology Officer) launched Bouquet Bar in January 2017. David and Alex have owned a floral design and production company for more than a decade. Due to the creativity and precision of their designs, they are recognized as leaders in the industry. Their designs grace lavish iconic hotel lobbies, such as the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire and Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, as well as the most exclusive of weddings and other celebrations. Their clients appreciate the flair and thoughtfulness that they bring to their projects and have looked to David and Alex for gift ideas that are elegant and original. Together with Sal and fueled by the richness of the trio’s experience, they came up with a perfect idea for luxurious, yet affordable, gifts: beautifully designed boxes with glamour and sophisticated charm. Imagine finding the perfect gift to express love, friendship, gratitude, consolation or simply to say, “Hi, I’m thinking of you”!

There are boxes for every occasion (or non-occasion) when you want to share your love or friendship. You may want to send remembrances, congratulations, encouragement or condolences with one of a large selection of exquisite boxes containing two to six gifts, including the “top-of-the-line” box that contains a stunning bouquet of flowers.

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For Valentine’s Day, choices range from a bouquet of small roses and chocolate-covered sea salt caramels to a bouquet with long-stemmed red roses, a citrus blossom candle and gummy bears. A box with small white roses and a vanilla-scented candle offers comfort in difficult times. For pure decadence, there is the spa box: A gift of an at-home spa day, luxuriating in water that has been “bath-bombed,” an aromatic candle, soothing organic tea, and delicious sweet and savory snacks.

But, ladies, the boxes are not just for you. Guys also love receiving a gift that lets them know how special they are. The Legends box, for instance, includes a succulent plant with its air-purifying properties, flavorful roasted almonds and tangy sea salt caramels for the ultimate in snacking.

You may want to choose the gifts yourself. Go to the Mixology Bar and begin by selecting one of the boxes: the Shot with two gifts, the Cocktail with three gifts, the Martini with six gifts and the Champagne with a glorious floral arrangement and two gifts. There are dozens of absolutely delightful gifts, among them European chocolates; gourmet gummy bears, milk bars and nuts; exotic teas; candles with intoxicating aromas; bath and skin care products; and miniature roses. Include a personal note and label, and Bouquet Bar will soon have the gift on its way to the lucky recipient.

Corporations (including Cartier, Facebook and Neiman Marcus) have discovered Bouquet Bar and express their appreciation and goodwill, as well as their impeccable taste, by gifting employees and clients with the treasure-filled boxes sheathed in a custom-designed sleeve with the company’s logo.

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