Cup-a-Bug Insect Catcher

Founded by inventor Justin Huang, Cup a Bug offers an innovative, humane way to catch and release unwelcome insects found around the home. The Cup a Bug consists of a cup attached to a long pole with a pivot mechanism, allowing users to easily catch bugs from various angles and hard-to-reach places.

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The design is based on the classic technique of using a cup and paper to catch insects, but with added features to improve efficacy and ease of use. The brush attached to the end of the cup makes it simple to trap bugs hiding in corners or on ceilings. Once caught, bugs can be safely released outside unharmed.

Unlike other bug-catching methods that often involve squashing, swatting or using chemicals, the Cup a Bug provides a gentle, non-lethal solution. This makes it an ideal option for homes with children and pets, eliminating concerns over toxins or electricity.

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Huang was inspired to create the Cup a Bug based on his lifelong fear of insects. As an adult, he wanted to confront his anxiety in an ethical way. Realizing that a cup on a pole would help him maintain distance while humanely catching bugs, Huang developed 3D printed prototypes.

The initial concept resonated with other insect-fearing people, convincing Huang of Cup a Bug’s market potential. He launched the product on Kickstarter in 2021, raising over $28,000 to begin production.

An experienced engineer and entrepreneur, Huang founded Cup a Bug under his brand Solid Factory. He specializes in developing useful, affordable products, applying his expertise across mechanical, electrical, software and manufacturing engineering.

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Huang’s multifaceted skills allow him to oversee every stage of bringing Cup a Bug from concept to reality. His background provides unique insights into designing, prototyping, manufacturing and marketing the innovative bug catcher.

With the Cup a Bug, Huang has created an effective, humane solution to a common household problem. Driven by his engineering knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, Huang continues developing products that help people in simple, affordable ways.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/23/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 15




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