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Coldest was founded in 2015 by twin brothers David Ahmad and Joe Ahmad, engineers who grew up in Florida. Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Coldest designs and manufactures water bottles, ice packs, bedding, clothing and other products aimed at keeping people and pets cool.

David Ahmad serves as the CEO and lead inventor at Coldest, working tirelessly to expand the company’s offerings and improve its products. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from Florida State University, David focuses on new product development, working up to 19 hours a day in Coldest’s on-site laboratory. When not inventing, he enjoys activities like riding electric longboards and spending time with the office dogs – Keywei, Nala, Dobei and Simba.

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Joe Ahmad serves as co-founder and head of marketing with a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. He worked as a civil engineer building bridges before joining Coldest full-time. Joe’s passion for entrepreneurship led him to start over 10 businesses before Coldest, giving him valuable experience in marketing and business operations.

The early years at Coldest from 2015-2017 were filled with intense struggle and hard work as the founders put everything back into the business. The breakthrough came in 2018 when Joe offered to focus on marketing while David focused on product development, combining their strengths.

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Coldest started with water bottles designed to keep drinks cooler longer than competitors. Their bottles can keep contents cold for 36+ hours and hot for 13+ hours, fitting in 99% of cupholders. The bottles are leakproof with durable designs and non-slip rubber bottoms. Coldest tests their bottles’ cold retention against over 50 top brands.

Beyond bottles, Coldest sells ice packs, pillows, bedding and apparel to keep people and pets cool. They also offer flavor drops and other accessories for their water bottles. As of 2020, Coldest had expanded their product line significantly beyond just bottles.

Looking to the future, the founders envision a theme park called Coldest World set to open in 2030, where guests can immerse themselves in the company’s unique cold-focused product universe. The company also invests in carbon offset projects to make their products carbon neutral.

From humble beginnings in a one-car garage, Coldest has grown into a global company with a loyal customer base drawn to their cold-focused brand. Their products can now be found in major retail chains across America as they continue to innovate new cold weather gear. Driven by the founders’ inventiveness and work ethic, Coldest exemplifies a thriving startup based in Naples, Florida.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/23/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 15




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