Cornucopia Express Pet Food Supplements

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick, his daughter, Kristina, and their dog, Casey, were in the Tank to get an investment for Cornucopia Express supplements, Super Food and Phyto-Food, probiotics for dogs and cats. Geoffrey had been a veterinarian for more than 40 years. When he found that pets in Asia and Siberia live longer than pets in the US, he needed to find out why. He did years of research on the herbs in those regions. He developed the supplements using selected herbs and antioxidants. They are human food-grade, and Geoffrey adds them to his daily smoothie. Kevin O’Leary tasted a spoonful and, surprisingly, said it wasn’t bad. Casey, of course, gobbles up his food on cue. Geoffrey said the supplements extend the life of a pet by 50% by preventing major health conditions such as cancer and heart disease. He had never applied for a patent, because he would need to list every ingredient and risk someone else knowing his secret formula.

Cornucopia Express Pet Foods Shark Tank 2

Geoffrey and Kristina were looking for an investment so that their products could be available to pet parents across the country. At that time, their products were sold at the clinic and on the website. The sharks were unwilling to invest in a food product without scientific evidence behind it. Kevin explained that they would need documentation and clinical studies.

Undaunted, Geoffrey continued selling his pet products at his clinic and on his website. The product line now includes canned pet food and snacks along with the supplements. Regardless of how people feel about the products, the website contains loads of helpful information for pet parents.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/13/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 9




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