Innovation Pet – Toys & Chicken Coops

California based Innovation Pet is on a mission to revitalize the pet industry with their unique line of pet products ranging from interactive and automated toys for cats and dogs, to walk-in chicken coops. Founders Tim Taft and Victoria Coopman have over 30 years experience in the pet industry between them. Their products are engineered at the level of toys made for children, as the customer base of Innovation Pet is made up of people who treat animals like their kids.


Among their most popular products are the Kitty Connection play sets, which are modular playgrounds and activity centers for cats, made up of attachable components including tunnels, towers, ramps, and built-in toys. Also check out the automatic ball launcher for cats and the hilarious whack-a-mole cat game. Be sure to watch the video below to see these toys in action.

The Innovation Pet product line for dogs is growing and currently includes several plush chew toys, a super tough ball and tug of war combo, and the coolest dog houses on the block.

innovation pet shark tank chicken coop

Innovation Pet also offers a line of backyard chicken coops and related supplies under the name Coops and Feathers. The have 4 deluxe coop models available online – the X-Large Barn Coop, Extreme Walk-In Coop, Country Style, and Space Saver. All are very well designed and quite beautiful.┬áThese are high end coops with fancy paint jobs, not the typical homemade look.

Update: In 2020 Innovation Pet pivoted to focus chicken coops and accessories and now sell products under the name Coops & Feathers.

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