PrideBites is a full line of customizable dog products including plush beds, blankets, placemats, collars, leashes, toys, treats, and dog apparel. To order a one-of-a-kind product tailor made for your dog simply visit the PrideBites website, choose a base product, personalize it with color and pattern choices as well as optionally adding your pet’s name and image, and it will be delivered to your door. They also offer an extensive selection of stock designs available on Amazon. PrideBites has several stylish collections to choose from including Ruff Lauren, Calvin Canine, Giorgio Arfmani, Kate Spayed, Vera Wag, and Emilio Poochie.

PrideBites was created by a group of college friends who were unhappy with the selection of dog toys available from big box retailers. They wanted options as unique as their individual pets, constructed with durable, safe, long-lasting and easy to clean materials. All PrideBites products go through rigorous testing by both canine and human before getting the stamp of approval.

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pridebites pet bed shark tank

Pet Beds
PrideBites jumbo stuffed dog beds are so comfortable you may want to curl up on them yourself. They can be personalized with unique colors, prints, piping, and even with hand drawn pictures of your lovable friend.

pridebite blanket for dogs

The ultra soft fleece blankets may be more comfortable than what you sleep with. They’re lightweight and breathable, and of course, customizable and easy to wash.

pridebites dog collar

PrideBites collars are super durable and feature heavy duty stitching and a double locking buckle. You can get your dog’s name and your phone number printed right on the collar.

pridebites dog leash

PrideBites leashes are also customizable and built to last. They have padded handles so they are comfortable for both dog and owner.

pridebites dog placemat shark tank

The placemats are perfect for sloppy eaters. Slide them under your dog’s food and water bowls to protect your floors from spills.

pridebites dog hoodie shark tank

Hoodies and Coats
The hoodies and coats are sure to make your dog the cutest on the block and will keep your four legged friend cozy and warm. They are made with a cotton and polyester blend and are insulated with fleece.

pridebites stuffed dog toys shark tank

PrideBites toys are where it all began. These award winning cartoon-inspired designs are stuffed with foam and wrapped in a Durabite fleece outer shell that is extremely tough while remaining soft and highly chewable. Your dog will love sinking it’s teeth into these. They float so they make great toys for dogs that love the water. Like the apparel, placemats, beds and blankets, PrideBites toys are all machine washable.


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