Clean Sleep – Mobile Mattress Cleaning Service

For many, the thought of sleeping in a den of dust mites and germs is enough to cause waking nightmares. However, for more people than we like to think, this is likely a reality. According to the innovative mattress cleaning company Clean Sleep, over 95% of mattresses are contaminated with allergy-inducing dust mites. Still, we all dread the idea of buying a new mattress every eight years, as merchandisers suggest we do.

Clean Sleep is here to provide an alternative to this conundrum. Their revolutionary 5-step cleaning process allows anyone – you, your family, even your hospital or local hotel, to effectively clean and sanitize mattresses of all types. For less than your first 3 months of payments on a brand new mattress, you can now have your own cleaned and sanitized, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Clean Sleep uses a 5-step process that includes Ultra Violet light, dry steam, vacuuming, ozone generation and infrared heat to bring new life to your mattress. This process kills bacteria, removes bed bugs and dust mites, vanquishes pet dander, and brings your bed back to excellent condition. They specialize in making house calls, and bring all of their equipment right to your front yard (well, to the driveway). Simply remove your bedding and allow the Clean Sleep techs to handle the rest.

Even better, it’s ready for your afternoon nap as soon as the process is completed. Clean Sleep’s 5-step process only takes 15 minutes, making it easy for you to have popcorn ready for a cozy movie while your mattress is made anew. By using the power of heat, steam and light to clean your mattress, the final product is dry, clean and ready for use in just minutes.

Clean Sleep services residential customers as well as commercial clients. They help to create clean, sanitary environments for Operating Rooms and patient rooms in hospitals. They serve hotels and motels. Anywhere bed bugs might be hiding, Clean Sleep is there to save the day. You’ll sleep better knowing your mattress is free of bugs and your wallet is still stuffed.

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