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From international security to the 2nd-day delivery of your niece’s birthday present, drones are being used everywhere for all sorts of purposes. As the technology advances and more agencies and business take advantage of these convenient airborne tools, they’re sure to be a regular sight in skies around the world. But what about the people operating these devices? Abby Speicher started DARTdrones Flight School in an effort to make the skies a little safer, by teaching hobbyists and pros the basics of flying these pieces of technology. Since its inception in 2014, DARTdrones has trained over 200 drone operators with the help of professionally-trained pilots, and continues to expand to reach even greater needs.

 DARTdrones believes that Unmanned Aerial Systems will change the world. The average person can pick up a cheap drone for around $20, or grab a more high-tech version for hundreds. The thing is, they all end up in the same sky. For newbie drone pilots, an in-person training program is available to learn the basis. You can participate in the Part 107 Drone Pilot Test Prep as part of a one-day course to help you on the road to becoming an FAA certified commercial drone pilot. The company offers online courses as well including the Part 107 FAA certification test prep course to get you going at your own convenience. 

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 Drones are one of the biggest burgeoning industries in the country, and those who take part in the trend are spread between professionals and hobbyists. DARTdrones certainly keeps this in mind with its training. There are currently over 40 Flight Instructors around the country who are armed with a private pilot’s license and certified as flight instructors for manned airplanes. You can trust your learning experience is in great hands when you take a course with DARTdrones.

 The brand doesn’t just focus on the small-time, either. DARTdrones offers corporate training and consulting for companies whose teams may make use of drones in one capacity or another. From real estate to surveying, photography to thermal imaging, there are corporate classes for any team that might take advantage of drone technology. 

 Fire and Police organizations can take courses as well, to use drones as part of EMS missions, airspace operations, city planning and even more. Even more than preparing for a test and learning the basics of drone operations, DARTdrones offers their own Drone Certification Program to simplify the certification process and ensure that national standards are met.

 Drones are awesome. DARTdrones is awesome. What makes the brand even more awesome is CEO and Founder Abby Speicher. In a tech industry packed with men, and a world of companies backed by men, Speicher is a testimony to the rise in STEM opportunities for women.  

 The drone industry is small, but continues to grow rapidly. As more and more uses for these small-but-mighty devices comes to the forefront, certified pilots will be needed across many dimensions to keep the national airspace safe. DARTdrones’ one-of-a-kind courses help to make that safe space a reality, one pilot at a time.

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