Hidrent: Hire a Firefighter

Hidrent connects off-duty firefighters with local homeowners and businesses looking for temporary help. From cleaning gutters and hanging fixtures to installing smoke detectors, hauling debris, Hidrent is the only task-based company focused on helping firefighters earn money on your days off.

Hidrent Hire A Firefighter Shark Tank 2

Hidrent lets firefighters determine the cost with their customer, and charges a 20% fee on the back end. Firefighters are uniquely qualified to continue serving their community during their time off. Now, you can support the firefighters that take care of your community day and night. Hiring an off-duty firefighter will supplement their income and leverage their skills and expertise – while you get the help you need from someone you can trust to get the job done right.


Shark Tank Air Date: 11/12/21 – Season 13 – Episode 6




Sleep Pod by Hug Sleep

Sleep Pod’s patented design uses gentle compression to apply calming pressure around the entire body to simulate the feeling of being hugged, now with the added benefit of increased mobility and total feet freedom.


Sleep Pod's unique cocoon-like shape covers your entire body, applying gentle, calming pressure, just like a hug.