NoteHall: Buy & Sell Classroom Notes

Update: Notehall was acquired by Chegg

Notehall was an online marketplace where college students could sell notes that they take in class, and buy notes from other students. Notehall was launched in 2008 by Sean Conway, Justin Miller, D.J. Stephan and Fadi Chalfoun. It grew quickly and was widely used by students but later faced criticism over its business model and concerns with intellectual property rights. Notehall got an investment offer from Barbara Corcoran during the show but declined the investment after the episode aired.

Notehall Shark Tank 2

In 2011, Notehall was acquired by Chegg, a textbook-rental and student services company, for $3.7M in equity and an undisclosed amount of cash, and was integrated into the Chegg platform.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/6/09 – Season 1 – Episode 8




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