The Living Christmas Company

When Scott Martin (aka “Scottie Claus”) was a teenager, he worked delivering Christmas trees for a local nursery, and he loved it. He caroled while he delivered, and he felt as though his delivery signaled the start of the holidays for the happy families. The only problem was how sad he felt when he saw the once-beautiful, lush trees tossed out at the curb all straggly and brown.

So, as an adult, Scott started his tree rental service in Redondo Beach, California. Customers pick the potted trees they want, Scott’s “elves” deliver them, and after Christmas they pick them up to take care of them until next Christmas. In addition to saving all those trees, Scott hires veterans for delivery.

The Living Christmas Company Shark Tank 2

When Mark invested in the business, it was a “Christmas miracle” for Mark, Scott and the environmentally and socially conscious business. With Mark’s expertise, Scott moved to a 40-acre lot with a high-efficiency drip irrigation system that decreased waste and increased the inventory dramatically. They also formed a partnership with Whole Foods in the San Francisco Bay area, and Scott now works with the Department of Labor to hire as many veterans as possible.

The Christmas after Shark Tank, the business grossed more than $500,000.

The Living Christmas Company is no longer available.

Shark Tank Air Date: 12/4/2012 – Season 4 – Episode 11




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