Funhouse Amusement Park

Todd Robbins was a magician engaged in off-the-beaten-track entertainment. David Adamovich was a PhD in a kinesiology, an ordained minister and manager of a billiard hall. When he turned 50, he decided to “follow his bliss” and became a knife thrower (aka impalement artist). As the Great Throwdini, he set 25 world records and was generally acknowledged as the world’s best knife thrower.

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Todd and David wanted to bring good, clean fun to New York City’s Times Square with the FunHouse, a venue for an eclectic mix of entertainers: magicians, knife throwers, plate spinners, acrobats, fire breathers, and the like. Smaller variations of the FunHouse were already in restaurants and lounges around New York City, but nothing like the 25,000-square-foot building they imagined. With the 35 million people who visit Times Square annually, there was a ready-made audience.

Even though they only asked for a $300,000 investment, the building would cost $1,500,000. Then there was the $7,000,000 in annual expenses. Poof! Just like that they made the sharks disappear.

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Todd and David dropped their joint venture, the FunHouse, but they went on to many individual successes—too many to list here, so we have a sampling of their achievements:

  • Todd is part owner of and performer in a long-running Off-Broadway magic show. He’s been on more than 100 television shows and was the main subject of a documentary, American Carny. He was dean of a sideshow school and currently hosts a TV series, True Nightmares. He also wrote a book, The Modern Con Man: How to Get Something for Nothing.
  • David won the prestigious honor, The Merlin Award for the Impalement Arts. He performs around the world, did well in the early rounds of America’s Got Talent, and co-authored A Day on Broadway: The Art of Being a Knife Thrower’s Assistant. He runs a wedding business from his home on Long Island.

Funhouse is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 9/29/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 7




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