Da Vinci Eye AR Drawing Tools

Founded in 2018 by New Yorker Samuel Gherman, Da Vinci Eye LLC is an ambitious startup utilizing augmented reality to reinvent artistic tools for the 21st century. Alongside co-founder and fellow entrepreneur Charissa Castillo, Gherman has led the company in developing a suite of groundbreaking apps that merge technology with traditional creative practices.

Da Vinci Eye Founder

As a self-taught coder and app developer, Gherman first explored programming in college while earning degrees in marketing, finance and fine art. He honed his skills at Macy’s by automating daily tasks to devote more time to coding. This enabled him to transition into mobile app development. With a lifelong connection to art through his artistic family, Gherman realized he could leverage his technical abilities to help artists adapt to the digital age.

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The inspiration struck after seeing a documentary about classical masters using optical tools to aid their drawing. Recalling his father’s use of a slide projector to paint, Gherman conceived of a modern, digital version. This sparked the idea for Da Vinci Eye’s inaugural app.

Da Vinci Eye: AR Art Projector

The company’s flagship product, Da Vinci Eye is an augmented reality art projector app for iOS devices. It allows users to virtually project reference photos onto canvas, paper or other surfaces to trace compositions and transfer images. Key features include:

  • Photo Layers: Separates images into layers by color value for compositional breakdowns.
  • Drawing Tutorials: Converts photos into step-by-step interactive drawing lessons.
  • Editing Tools: Filters, zoom, and strobe modes to adjust projected images.
  • Inspiration Gallery: User uploaded reference images to spark ideas.
  • Time-Lapse Recording: Captures the artistic process from start to finish.

With over 50,000 downloads shortly after launch, the app proved the demand for AR art tools. It has since seen growing adoption across mediums like painting, makeup artistry, baking, nail art, and more.

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Mural Maker

A subsequent release, Mural Maker enables artists to create massive murals using AR technology. By projecting reference images onto walls and other surfaces, the app simplifies large-scale artwork without intensive gridding or projections. Key features include:

  • AR Tracking: Remembers a mural’s position for easy continuation over multiple sessions.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Allows multiple artists to collaborate simultaneously.
  • Breakdown Mode: Separates images into color stencils for mixing paints.
  • Second Set of Eyes: Enables viewing a mural up close and from afar at the same time.
  • Outdoor Use: Functions in daylight away from outlets unlike projectors.

Doodle Grid

Doodle Grid provides a modern twist on the classic grid method for transferring drawings. Rather than rigid straight-line grids, users create freeform curvy grids to map compositions. Benefits include:

  • Time Savings: No precise grid measuring needed.
  • Flexibility: Flowing lines allow more creative freedom.
  • Intuitive Interface: Easy image positioning and opacity controls.
  • Versatility: Suitable for any style from portraits to abstract art.
  • Accuracy: Maintains proper proportions without distortion.

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Through its suite of apps, Da Vinci Eye empowers artists to create limitless works unbounded by physical tools. The company continues leading the way in merging technology with traditional arts.


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