The Murder Mystery Co

The Murder Mystery Co. is an entertainment company that specializes in hosting interactive murder mystery events. Founded in 2002 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the company has grown to become the largest theatrical company in the nation, offering over 7,500 shows annually across more than 20 troupes nationwide.

The Murder Mystery Co Founder

The business was started by Scott Cramton, who serves as the CEO. Cramton overcame a cleft palate and went on to establish The Murder Mystery Co. and several other immersive theater businesses under the umbrella of American Immersion Theater (AIT). He is focused on driving the experience economy and empowering people to rejuvenate their lives through unique experiences.

The Murder Mystery Co.’s core product is private, interactive murder mystery parties that the company brings directly to the customer’s chosen venue. Customers can select from a variety of murder mystery themes, such as “Midnight at the Masquerade,” “Death of a Gangster,” “Best Laid Plans,” “I Love the 80’s to Death,” “A Dance With Death,” “Til Death Do Us Part,” “Now You See It; Now You Don’t,” “The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year,” and “Good Riddance.”

The Murder Mystery Co Shark Tank 2

These murder mystery parties are immersive experiences where guests dress up in costumes to match the theme or era. A fictional murder occurs during the party, and attendees work together as suspects and detectives to solve the crime by investigating clues and evidence. The company employs professional actors, referred to as “murder-pros,” who help guide the plot and keep the mystery unfolding without giving too much away.

The Murder Mystery Co. prides itself on its date flexibility policy, allowing customers to host events at their homes or chosen venues. The company’s party planners work with customers to tailor the pricing and experience to fit their specific needs and visions.

The Murder Mystery Co Shark Tank 3

In addition to private in-person events, The Murder Mystery Co. also offers virtual murder mystery parties via Zoom, catering to groups that cannot meet in person. These virtual events allow guests from anywhere in the world to gather online and crack the case from the comfort of their homes.

The company positions its murder mystery parties as a unique and memorable alternative to traditional party ideas, creating an interactive experience that gets everyone involved. The Murder Mystery Co. also markets its events as effective team-building activities for companies, including virtual options for remote teams.

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