TIK PIK Guitar Pick

Nestled in the music hubs of Nashville, Tennessee, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, TIK PIK is offering guitarists a unique solution to a common problem: the loss of guitar picks. With a patent-pending nano-suction technology, TIK PIK has developed a guitar pick that adheres to the instrument’s surface without adhesives, ensuring that musicians always have a pick within reach and eliminating the all-too-familiar hassle of misplaced picks.

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The TIK PIK uses nano-suction technology, a patent-pending approach that employs thousands of microscopic suction cups to allow the pick to stick to the guitar surface. Imagine a pick that adheres to the guitar as if it were magnetically attracted but leaves no trace when removed. Not only does this prevent the loss of picks, a common annoyance for many guitarists, but it also ensures that the pick is always within reach.

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Comfort is another area where TIK PIK scores high marks. Traditional guitar picks often require a tight grip, which may lead to hand fatigue during prolonged use. TIK PIK’s design counters this by offering a non-slip grip that mimics the feel of memory foam against the fingertips. This soft yet firm texture allows for a more relaxed, comfortable playing experience, enabling musicians to focus more on their art than on maintaining their hold on the pick.

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TIK PIK offers picks in three different gauges: thin, medium, and heavy. These are color-coded for easy identification, making it effortless for guitarists to switch between different styles of play, such as fingerpicking and strumming, without losing momentum. For those unsure about their preferred gauge, the company provides a multi-pack option containing two of each type.

The packaging reflects the company’s emphasis on practicality. Each set of TIK PIKs arrives in a protective storage case, adding an extra layer of convenience for musicians on the go. This focus on user-centric design appears to be a collective vision of the company’s diverse team of founding partners.

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Kevin McDonald, Co-Founder and the COO & VP of Marketing, is no stranger to the music industry. He is also the founder of Elsie Marshall – The Shot Granny’s Whiskey and a national touring country artist and songwriter based in Nashville. Jacob Lyda, another co-founder specializing in Artist Development, has penned songs for big names like Blake Shelton. CEO Nick Nowak brings a blend of business acumen and musical talent to the table. Not only is he an award-winning singer/songwriter/producer, but he has also founded other ventures such as Skog Å Kust outdoor gear and co-founded Breakers Beach Supply. CFO Mike Stalnaker, with over 30 years of experience in payment processing companies, and Nicholas Wolfs, VP of Corporate Sales and a co-founder of Breakers Beach Supply, complete the ensemble with their financial and corporate expertise.

While the picks themselves adhere effortlessly to the surface of a guitar, it is the collaboration of this skilled group of entrepreneurs and artists that has enabled TIK PIK to stick in a market filled with more traditional alternatives. The company serves as an example of how technological innovation can harmonize with user needs to create a product that resonates with a broad audience.


Shark Tank Air Date: 11/03/2023 – Season 15 – Episode 6




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